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Emmanuel Adebayor: My Mourinho is the best!!

15 Jul 2011, 14:27 IST

NOTE: Plese keep your mind open for a bit of friendly banter before you read this one. All the qouted comments are true to the best of my knowledge and I solemnly swear that I am upto no good!

After having been hated by virtually every living being on this planet, Togo-international Emmanuel Adebayor has found solace in the arms of his ‘pal’, Jose Mourinho.

Well, Adebayor is a lad who loves watching people cringe at the mere sight of his draculan face and if someone still doesn’t hate him, he can put the issue to the bed by his anti-human antics. Remember the celebration against Arsenal? So, when he finally gelled in with the City squad, Adebayor was left with a bitter taste in the mouth. Why the heck these people like me?? After pulling off some typical Balotelli tantrums and a bucketful of shit apart from the odd injury(well, he can fake that too!), he was loaned off to Santiago Bernabeu to solve the ‘special’ problems of the ‘Special One’. Well, Mou does like players with a pig-like attitude and who better than Adebayor to don the role of the pig protagonist. Ever since, Mou dropped a candy hinting that he wants Adebayor from the bottom of his heart, Adebayor has been licking away to glory. Nobody has sung more lullabies to Mourinho than the Togolese international has managed in the last few days. Well, being left with the Reserves squad in Eastlands certainly helps to turn it up a notch. And boy, Adebayor has scored!

Here’s his soliloquy about the wily fox that Mourinho is –

”We talked before we went on vacation. He said he was calm, that he wanted me to stay. If he called me right now, I would catch the first plane out to Los Angeles (where Real are currently on their pre-season tour)

”And if I could play three or four years in Madrid, I would retire at the club.

”I don’t want to go anywhere other than Madrid.”

If the penultimate line of the comment had not broken the news for me, I would have taken it for a college girl’s diary insanely in love with her Maths professor. But, well that’s our ballerina Adebayor for you, waiting to be swung sky-high over Mou’s shoulders, reaching for the stars! Well, if this was not enough, Adebayor was quick to point out the greatness of the ‘Special One’ as the Messiah that will transform the world.

”He gave me the confidence I needed, made me believe in myself and enjoy football again,” added the former Arsenal man.

”Mourinho is the best coach I’ve ever worked with, no doubt, and Madrid will win titles with him.

”I would love to play under him again and I say, ‘I’m here if you need me’.

”If we do not meet again, I wish him and the club well and I say this wholeheartedly, ‘I owe you one’.”

Well, as perverted and prurient the above comment may sound, all the English football lovers seriously owe Mourinho one, simply for taking this stinky salmon out from our blessed ocean.

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