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Fight for Glory, Ranbhoomi'16

A look at Fight for Glory fest organised by IIM Indore.

News 20 Jan 2016, 13:38 IST

Ranbhoomi’s motto is “Fight for Glory” which truly reflects the essence of sports and the values it imbibes in everyone. The life of a sportsperson in India, they give their 100% each time they represent the nation and are fully determined to strive to achieve glory for the nation they so adore.

Yet we hear so many stories of these very people seemingly abandoned by the nation they served and loved with all their heart. In our country, there are so many such sports persons which win medals for our country or for their state but are not given due credit for their achievements. We, the students of IIM Indore want to change this situation and want sports as a field of career to be given due credit, respect and recognition.

For this purpose, we have stories of such sports persons up on social media. We are trying to make people aware of the situations that these sports persons are living in and how this hampers growth of the nation in a field as vast as sports and how such stories demotivate the future generations from entering into this field.

To change just this scenario, we urge the readers to send their suggestions for new policies which should be made or how the existing laws can be amended to improve the situation of sports persons so that they are able to concentrate more on the sport and win medals for the state or for the country and thus make India proud! These suggestions will be collected by us and will be sent to the sports and youth welfare ministry. The suggestions can be sent to us as messages on our Facebook page.

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