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Hosting a World Cup does not mean you won it!!

15 Mar 2011, 09:54 IST

Looking at the performances of Indian cricketers this is the only thing that reflects to me is in the minds of Indian cricketers. Just merely being one of the hosting nations does not guarantee you a win in the World Cup or a spot in the final. The poor form of Indian bowlers and pathetic Indian fielding have raised some serious issues in the middle of the cricket fiesta. Also, not a very praiseworthy show by our middle order in terms of consistency. The only good in this world cup till now has been Sachin and his forever stupendous batting form.

The famous quote over Indian players that is, “Lions at home and Chickens abroad seems to have gotten off colour.” They are not performing even on flat home pitches, forget the juicy bouncy wickets. It is always a unique equilibrium between Indian batting and bowling, if the pitches are flat batsmen make merry of the opposition bowling attack and bowlers put their head down and stopping putting any effort. If the wicket is bouncy and having good carry the bowlers bowl perfectly and it’s the batsmen this time who needs to keep their head down and help save some pride by scoring few runs. On the other hand, the batsman fails to prove their metal when it requires the most and falls like nine pins in a jiffy, is this preparation they have done for the World cup. Looking at the Indians bowling attack anyone can easily judge that there are not going to be any variation and problems for the batsmen. The fielding is same as always buttery hands in catching as well as saving runs. The commitment level of the players in the matches is reflected best in their fielding.

The pressure of playing on the home turf seems to have played on their mind, more than their strategies. The Indians are still in some sort of dream or rather I would say hallucinations about their performance. They are not giving 100 % to the game and Dhoni seems to be still mesmerized by his performance. His captaincy is not giving desired results and his batting ahs just faded away. Strange strategies, changing batting order, sloppy fielding, uncontrolled bowling and complacency in everything despite being so many weakness is not going to help Indian team win the cup.


Tarun Avtar Arya,

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