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How to pursue sports as a career?

983   //    03 Nov 2017, 11:36 IST

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We all have gone through the emotions of excitement and happiness when we played different games as children. But as we start growing up, we tend to have mixed emotions of whether to actually pursue what we enjoy or lean towards more serious career options. This is a serious dilemma that many of us face and ponder upon.

In most cases, people leave behind sports completely and focus more on safer career options and only the determined and passionate teens follow their hearts by choosing sports-related careers.But is it supposed to be that way?

The answer to that question lies in our perception of what sports actually mean. Sports is not all about games. Rather it has other aspects to it, such as, medicine, management, teaching/coaching etc which in reality has a wide range of opportunities due to growing interest and following by the general public.

For example, if a growing child has an interest in pursuing medicine and if he is also passionate about any particular sport, he can then opt for sports medicine through which he can fulfill both his desires. This is a thinking mentality that should germinate in our minds in order to derive more meaning and satisfaction from life.

Parents, in today's day and age, should be more than willing to let their children follow their dreams rather than forcing them to choose any 'popular' profession. Parents and teens alike have to be aware of the massive potential and capabilities that the sports industry has to offer. Some of which are highlighted below:-

1.Teaching Career

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Teaching, in general, is considered as a noble profession, but sports teachers and coaches, in particular, have great respect and admiration from the student community. It is a great choice of career option for people who are interested in teaching as well as have a passion for sports.

Moreover, it has a better job security compared to some other 'popular' career options and offers a great deal of internal satisfaction and joy apart from the monetary benefits associated with it.

2.Careers in Communication Media

Alpine Skiing - Winter Olympics Day 7

In the growing era of mass media communications, sports category is gaining a wider range of popularity due to its massive influence and interest among the general public. This has led to a substantial amount of job opportunities being created in this sector.

It includes Sports Journalism, Sports Photography and much more. It is a sector which requires confidence, character, knowledge, creativity and people meeting these requirements find huge success in this industry.

3. Health-Related Career

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There has been a rapid increase in the awareness of health among the general public over the past couple of decades. People are now realizing the importance of good health to avoid many major diseases. This in turn has lead to more career options in this sector.

Health-related careers include athletic training, physical training for gyms and clubs and many more. People interested in health training and rendering guidance can aspire for this career option as it offers a well-rounded income with a secure job.

4. Performance-Related Careers

20th Commonwealth Games - Day 9: Athletics

This is a sector of sports where players perform in different sports and showcase their talent. This sector has more exposure compared to others and hence the sportspersons participating here usually get huge monetary benefits as well as fame at the professional level.

The drawback is that the competition at this level is really high and also the fact that the careers may be shortlived as well. Nevertheless, players who are dedicated enough and work hard usually find success.

Many more sectors and professions are arising apart from the above mentioned and have huge potential and opportunities for those having a passion for sports. It is high time now that parents and teens realize the importance of choosing the right profession in life.

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