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ICT announces the ICT Green Marathon and SPORTSAGA 2010

10 Mar 2010, 16:58 IST


The year before last we saw 700 people running for PETA; last year 1500 people ran for the Akanksha kids. This year can we make it 2500?! Not without you! And if you have been wanting to do your bit for the society, here is your chance! Put on your running shoes and together lets run the ICT Marathon’10 on the 21st of March. It doesnt matter whether you are a student or a working professional all you have to do is come and run! Or walk if you please!

Winners will be awarded handsomely! Run, and pride in the fact that you will be a hero to all those children who will benefit from that one hour of yours! Lets make them smile. Lets make a difference. Together.

We hope to meet you there.

Place: Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)
Time: 6:45 am
Contribution: Rs.30.

Please note that:
1. The entire earnings of the proceeds of the marathon will be directed to the NGO’s we are collaborating with.
2. We will be joining forces with the Mumbai Police and suitable running conditions are assured.

Contact: AKASH : 9820117235, SHASHANK: 9975776992


It’s that time of the year when the smell of mud and sweat is more appealing than Burberry, when the sound of roaring spectators is more exciting than Knopfler ripping it up and when raw talent and strained sinews are all the rage…
It’s time for Sportsaga 2010!
This year we promise a phenomenon larger than life. With an enthralling lineup of events both conventional and wacky- we promise a test for every sporting skill set.

We’ll see the Kakas, Federers and Tendulkars of Mumbai’s colleges showcase their skill and moxie on our playing field.
We’ve got all the classics- football, basketball, season ball cricket, futsal ,lawn tennis et. al. as well as the au courant athletics, kho kho etc. Days and nights will become one as the sun will be replaced by strobes burning up every inch of our field. The ICT Marathon will happen this year, as per fashion and young n old will run for a cause.
With so much happening, adrenaline levels are bound to soar and the hysteria will be irrepressible.
Sportsaga 2010… you dont want to miss it.




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