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In focus: the Partners propelling Ashgabat 2017

AIMAG 2017
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Asghabat 2017

With 6000 athletes from 65 delegations in Asia and Oceania competing for the top honours in 21 sports, the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games will be the first time a Central Asian country hosts an event of this scale.

But Ashgabat 2017 will not just be a sporting extravaganza and a celebration of the strong culture of competition in Asia – it will also be a chance for the whole country of Turkmenistan to rejoice in its organisational prowess.

Naturally, the people of Turkmenistan – from the country’s leadership to the thousands of volunteers - have been working hard day and night to get everything ready to welcome the world to its capital city and run the competitions. As further testament of the trust and pride in the hands of the organisers, the Games have seen some of the biggest names in the corporate world join as partners of the event. 

Supported has been shown by a range of major partners at every possible instance during the build-up to the event and partners will also be offering logistical support and helping in community building during the 12 days of action – and beyond. 

Turkmen Telecom, the nation's leader in the provision of all forms of telecommunication, such as internet, telephone and cell phones, have put their weight behind the Games and will be in charge of providing all the Wifi and fixed telephony services during Ashgabat 2017. 

With operations in over 40 countries, the company have been a beacon of light for the telecommunications industry in Turkmenistan, and will strive to ensure the smooth functioning of the Games by supporting all the technical operations.

Alongside them, the extremely important function of IT support and general games system management coordination will be taken care of by Atos. A global leader in digital transformation, the European IT services giant is very well-equipped to deal with the requirements at Ashgabat 2017, having provided flawless execution and support as worldwide IT partner for the past eight Olympic Games.

Their expertise in games system management will see them provide support in essential areas such as accreditation, sport, accommodation, transport, competition results and news services. 

Another Official Partner which has invested heavily in Turkmenistan is China Natural Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), China's largest oil and natural gas producer and supplier. They are one of the world's largest oil and gas corporations, and have been focused on producing multiple energy sources to create wealth and ensure harmonious growth of societies, all while helping protect the environment. 


For over 10 years now, CNPC have played a leading role in Turkmenistan and have provided a great deal of investment towards cultural, medical, educational and sports programmes in the country. They also possess a diverse portfolio in sport, proving their credentials with investment in football, hockey and martial art and have done a lot to give back to the people. 

An organisation that has helped add to the involvement of youth in sport and physical activities in Ashgabat, Dragon Oil have also implemented many programs to promote healthy lifelines. They also provide material support to professional and amateur sports organisations in Turkmenistan.

The Asian nature of the Games is reflected in the participation of Malaysian oil conglomerate Petronas, a partner that shares great interests in Turkmenistan and reflects the key values with Ashgabat 2017. The national oil and gas company of Malaysia, they have been active in Turkmenistan's oil and gas sector. Petronas have always encouraged stronger community ties and engagement to help with the awareness of sport. 

Globally recognised brands have also stepped forward with Coca Cola Turkmenistan and LG International (LGI) both signing up official sponsors of the Games.

LGI have a broad range of portfolios in global sport under its banner, helping sport grow, while Coca-Cola will provide their flagship beverages to athletes, coaches, the Games' volunteers and the Ashgabat 2017 staff.

Huawei, a Chinese mobile manufacturing company, have also joined the Games as an Official Supporter, and will work to ensure all operations are in order and that communication flows smoothly. They have been joined by Hyundai Engineering, a member of the Hyundai Motor Group, a leading Korean organisation across the world. Apart from being involved with engineering projects in Turkmenistan since 2009, they have also heavily invested in Turkmen Sports and also officially sponsor the local football team, Chandybil.

Ashgabat 2017 have also signed financial services company MasterCard as one more Official Supporter, with the company's experience in payment solutions making them an ideal partner for a young, vibrant nation such as Turkmenistan.

As part of their theme to inspire, stay healthy and develop a friendship, the organisers of Ashgabat 2017 have worked hard to ensure that people in the country are able to relate to the sponsors, sponsors that indicate the growth and respect achieved by hard-working members of the Turkmen society.

To try and encourage innovation and good business, the fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games has added Hoszaman, Kamil Market and Turkmen Ak Yol as sponsors.

Hoszaman, which is an egg and poultry farming company, will work to ensure they can live up to the expectations placed on them. They will send about 80,000 chocolate bars to the Games' paid staff and volunteers, while 10,000 bags of sweets will be a part of the volunteer gift packages.

The organisers also named Turkmen Ak Yol, a freight services company, as the official logistics partner of Ashgabat 2017, with Ak Yol helping the Games on logistics and customs clearance services for the duration of the event.

Further more, in what was a very smart move, the Games signed up with a local Turkmen supermarket chain, Kamil Market, as an Official Supporter. Kamil Market have been working tirelessly for many years to satisfy the country's needs of grocery and other household items.

The company also has a presence inside the Ashgabat Olympic Complex and with so many spectators, staff, volunteers, officials, and athletes alike sure to pass through the doors of a Kamil Market over the course of the Games, the retailer's support of Ashgabat 2017 is ideal for both parties

Last but not the least, Turkmenistan Airlines, the country's flag carrier airline, are sponsors and will also be coordinating incoming and outgoing traffic at the Ashgabat airport during the Games. 

The airline runs both international and domestic carriers from its hub in the capital city, Ashgabat and in many ways is an example for the rest of the nation to show that their involvement is complete.  

With stalwarts these supporting AIMAG 2017, the Games look all set to be a resounding success and will help put Turkmenistan on the map as a sporting force to be reckoned with.

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