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India, Australia and My Shorts.

24 Mar 2011, 11:57 IST

Its a Thursday and I have a holiday. Its weird having an off on Thursday. Apart from the fact that Rebecca Black didn’t warn us of this day, its right in the middle of the week.

Its days like these when your shorts are put the wrong way around and you’re too lazy to put them properly, and you wonder whether you should be excited about the coming weekend or gone week-start.

Week-start is a word now.

And that’s when a ray of light comes through the darkness that is my curtain. Its called the sun. Not the India-Australia match as you melodramatic ones would have thought.

But this start to the day makes the match even more exciting to look forward to. I’ve already got my supplies ready.

A couple of cans of Coke, a large chips packet and the remote.

Both the teams have been below par, at best. After smashing wins against Zimbabwe and New Zealand, the Aussies struggled to get ten wickets against minnows Kenya and Canada. An uninspired batting display didn’t help the cause.

And then Pakistan sent them ‘paking’. See what I did there? Did you? Sorry….

Afridi’s men(debatable) embarrassed the defending champions, bundling them out for 176 before completing the chase without a hiccup.

However, Brett Lee‘s form is to watch out for. He has returned and how. He still has his rhythm going for him and his run up is smoother than his face. He is the reason 17 women watch the World Cup.

India, on the other hand, have been disappointing. They’ve struggled to beat each team and they have been heavily reliant on Zaheer. Imagining a team without him is almost impossible.

The Batting Powerplay has been a worry, India losing majority of their wickets in this period. Dhoni’s captaincy has been baffling at times, especially his decision to shift Virat Kohli down the order.

Harbhajan Singh is a worrying factor for India. Being the frontline spinner, he has hardly looked to threaten and has found it hard to get wickets.

Sachin Tendulkar is god.

It is obviously going to be a cracking encounter. And England aren’t even involved. Instead of looking at it as two good teams playing, I’ll be watching it as two teams playing their poorest cricket in a while. Which makes it interesting. Along with my Coke of course.

The winner goes through to meet Pakistan in the finals. I’ve always maintained that the three most likely teams to win are India, Pakistan and England. Yes, England. I still think they have an amazing chance. Its the stuff comic books and hindi movies are made of.

Pakistan look ominous and honestly, I’ll keep my happiness reserved if we beat Australia. Pakistan is probably the most dangerous side in the tournament. They do have an ageless captain.

Bring on two thirty.

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