Khelo India University Games Day 5: Schedule, timings, and where to watch

Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Khelo India
Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Khelo India

As Day 5 of the Khelo India University Games unfolds across several cities in Uttar Pradesh, spectators are enthralled by this celebration of athletic excellence.

In Lucknow, Gautam Budh Nagar, Varanasi, and other locations, athletes from universities across the country have gathered, transforming these vibrant cities into sporting arenas. A wide variety of sports, including shooting, swimming, wrestling, rowing, and more, will take center stage on this exciting day.

Day 5 promises a thrilling lineup of sports, including hockey, rowing, basketball, football, shooting, tennis, volleyball, swimming, kabaddi, Mallakhamb, table tennis, and wrestling.

From the fast-paced battles on the hockey field to the adrenaline-fueled races in rowing, and from the strategic maneuvers on the basketball court to the precise shots in shooting, spectators are in for a treat.

With athletes giving their all in each discipline, the atmosphere is electric, and anticipation runs high as they compete for glory and etch their names in sporting history. Day 5 of the Khelo India University Games is poised to be an epic showdown of athletic excellence.

Khelo India University Games Day 5: Schedule & Timings

Hockey (Men’s) - 6 am onwards

Hockey (Women’s) - 3 pm onwards

Rowing (Men’s) - 7 am onwards

Rowing (Women’s) - 7:10 am onwards

Basketball (Men’s) - 9 am onwards

Basketball (Women’s) - 7 am onwards

Football (Men’s) - 8 am onwards

Football (Women’s) - 8 am onwards

Shooting- 8 am onwards

Tennis - 8:30 am onwards

Volleyball (Men’s) - 8 am onwards

Volleyball(Women's) - 9 am onwards

Swimming (Men’s) - 9 am onwards

Swimming (Women’s) - 9:30 am onwards

Kabaddi (Men's) - 9:30 pm onwards

Kabaddi (Women's) - 11 am onwards

Mallakhamb (Women’s) - 10:30 am onwards

Table Tennis (Men’s) - 11:30 am onwards

Table Tennis (Women's) - 10 am onwards

Wrestling: 3 pm onwards

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Khelo India University Games Day 5: Where to watch

Fans can tune in to the Prasar Bharati YouTube channel to catch all the live LIVE action from the Khelo India University Games. The matches will also be televised on the DD Sports channel on TV.

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