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Premier Futsal league Live Score (2-7): Bengaluru 5s vs Goa 5s Live Match Scores & Updates Online

This is the live coverage of Match number 5 of the Premier Futsal tournament.

17 Jul 2016, 17:20 IST




That brings us to the end of the live coverage. Thanks for joining us folks. 

The game comes to an end. It’s 7-2 to Goa. What a brilliant night it has been. Ronaldinho has been the player of the game. 

40' NUMBER 5! GOAL! Ronaldinho. Brilliant. It’s a five-star show from Dinho. He's stolen the show in Chennai. 

40’ He goes for a cheeky chip but it's saved. Bengaluru starts an attack.

40’ Foul on Goa! And that's foul number 5. It's a penalty for Goa. Dinho for number 7. 

39’ GOAL! Raphael. What a finish from the Japanese. He deserved his goal. He’s been brilliant all night. 

38’ Ronaldinho is toying with the Bengaluru defenders. Brilliant from the Brazillian. 

37’ Corner for Goa. 

36’ Raphael with a Rabonna shot on goal. Saved. 

35’ The crowd is chanting Ronaldinho’s name. Brilliant scenes. 

34’ Ronaldinho with a no-look pass. He has been outstanding tonight. 

33’ GOALLL!! A tap in from number 12, Marshall! Goa is running away with game.

32’ RONALDINHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! OH MY WORD! What a goal. Goal number four. And he’s doing the Samba again. Unbelievable. Calmly chips the last player. 

31’ Ronaldinho is trying to get the crowd to cheer louder. He’s loving it. 

The third quarter comes to an end. It’s 2-3. 

30’ Ronaldinho hits the post with a header from a throw-in. The crowd is absolutely loving it. 

29’ Ronaldinho again. So close. Corner for Goa. 

28’ Ronaldinho with one trick too many as he gives the ball away. Scholes with the shot. Saved by the keeper.

27’ Scholes finally gets into the action with a brilliant nutmeg. 

26’ Ronaldinho has the crowd on his feet again. Pure entertainment. Showboating at its best. 

25’ Ronaldinho with a shot. Good attempt from the Brazillian but its wide. 

23’ Ronaldinho with an outrageous bit of skill. Juggles the ball 6 times before he passes it to his team mate. He’s lit the stadium up tonight. 

22’ The pace of the game has slowed down. 

21’ GOA with a brilliant start as Ronaldinho shoots from the kickoff. Clever idea. 

The second quarter comes to a close. Ronaldinho has stolen the show so far. 


18’ GOAL! WOW! THE MAGICIAN! UNREAL! Ronaldinho with a beautiful goal. It’s 2-2. 

17’ Foul on Ronaldinho. After a quick start, Goa attempt shot. They claim for handball but the referee ignores their claims. 

16’ Raphael troubles the Bengaluru defense again. He’s been Goa’s best player. 

15’ GOALLL!! Johnathan finds the top corner with a fantastic finish. Bengaluru takes the lead. 

14’ Ronaldinho with the throw-in. The shot is wide. 

13’ Ronaldinhoooooooo. So close. After brilliant one-two, he tries to squeeze the ball into the bottom corner but narrowly misses the target. 

11’ Easy Man, the freestyler is on for Bengaluru. Bengaluru takes a shot but it is blocked by the defender. 

That's the end of the first quarter. 

10’ Foul on Neto by Ronaldinho. Bengaluru starts a brilliant attack. And …. GOAL! An outrageous bit of skill from Maxi for a brilliant goal. 1-1. 

9’ Scholes with a shot. It’s wide. 

8’ Raphael again with a brilliant bit of skill. Attempts send Dinho through on goal with a drag back with the pass is just off his intended target. 

6’ GOALLLLLLLL!!!! THE MAN HAS DONE IT. RONALDINHO! After he controls the pass he ticks the goalkeeper and puts the ball into the net. What a finish. The crowd is going wild. 

6’ Dinho hold the ball and provides a slick pass to his teammate. First glimpse of magic. 

5’ Raphael with quick feet as he makes a decent run down the left flank. His run is cut down by  the defense. 

4’ Great bit of passing from Bengaluru but the shot is wide. 

3’ Decent start to the game so far, both teams are looking to make their mark quickly. Dinho gets a touch and sends the Chennai crowd wild.

2’ Quick counter from Bengaluru but the pass is wide. 

1’ Goa kick the game off. Raphael take his first shot and almost squeezes it in. Hits the post. Good start from Goa!

Welcome to the live coverage of the fifth game of the tournament as Bengaluru take on Goa. Both teams are winless so far in the tournament and will be hoping to pick three points up. Paul Scholes will take on Ronaldinho for the first time since that Champions league semi-final in 2008. Scholes scored a screamer to send his team into the finals, but will he be able to repeat it tonight?


Bengaluru 5s Coach: Juan Jose Bernal Cierre Marquee Player: Paul Scholes International futsallers:Elias (GK), Neto, Maxi, Nabil, Anatoliy Freestyler: Easy Man Indian futsallers: Zaib, Anto Rushith S, Jonathan, Abhishek R (GK), Sathya Kumar, Sai Nikhil

Goa 5s Coach: Octavio Gomes De Oliveira Junior Marquee player: Ronaldinho International futsallers: Bebe (GK), Vampeta, Rafael, Georgievsky Freestyler: Adonias Indian futsallers: Michael Silva, Fredsan Marshall, Caitano, Vatsal (GK), Mohammed Ahtesham Ali, Praveendran


The marquee stars with Xavier Britto. 


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