London Olympics paraplegic athlete Deepa Malik guest of honour at the British Council’s Young Learner Performance Day

Prior to competing in the Paralympics at the London 2012 Olympics, athlete Deepa Malik is to preside over the New Delhi Teaching Centre’s Young Learner performance day on Friday 1, June, 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

The Asian Javelin Record Holder and World and Asian Games Medallist has taken time out from her Olympic training schedule to appear at the grand finale of the British Council’s three week Summer School.

Speaking about the event, Deepa Malik said: “I truly feel blessed and honoured to be found worthy of the designation of guest of honour at the said event.”

India’s first international level paraplegic sportswoman added: “I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to use this platform to share my experiences and spread awareness towards Para Sports, a subject so close to my heart and a journey which I have been on for almost six years now.”

Over 200 Young Learners, 8–15 years of age, will perform on stage in front of their parents and other invited guests, at the British Council theatre. All performances are related to the theme of the course, ‘The Olympics’.

Chris Brandwood, Director English South Asia said: “Respecting disability is one of the seven strands of the British Council’s commitment to Equal Opportunity and Diversity. The British Council is proud and honoured to invite Deepa Malik as Guest Speaker for the closing of the Young Learner Summer School and supports her mission of ‘Ability beyond Disability’.”

The Young Learner performance day promises to be a fun-filled event where children get to demonstrate their teamwork, creativity and English language skills through music, dance and theatre performances.