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Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit College Frenzy - The Biggest Inter-College Competition in India

It's time to prove why your college is the best!

Preview 07 Nov 2017, 21:28 IST

What if being good at sports at your college level allowed you access to the world. What if your fitness could be used as a weapon to establish your dominance over your opponents? What if the opportunity to establish which college was the “BEST” came your way? What if you were the one to bring glory and pride to your college?

From the makers of the Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit, here is a unique exciting concept in Obstacle based Competition – only for college and university students across the country. The Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit College Frenzy, a one of its kind hunt for the fittest college team, aims at bringing fitness at the college level onto a national platform.

College rivalries are the stuff of legends, especially when it comes to the field of sports. Till now these rivals settled scores on the fields of football, cricket, weight lifting, hockey and a variety of other traditional sporting grounds. Now finally there is a level playing field! The only criteria for participation includes a combination of strength, fitness and stamina!

The first edition of The College Frenzy will see 16 teams, comprising 3 students each- all from the same college, fight it out for glory on a custom built 150-metre-long track comprising 10 hard core physical obstacles. Each of these 16 teams will represent their college and aim to reach the grand finale where the winning team will take home the biggest prize in amateur sports in our country- a cash prize of Rs 5 Lacs. The fastest finalist will take home a brand new Maruti Suzuki VXi car!

All colleges & universities from across our glorious nation can compete for a spot to be amongst these elite 16. The process for selection is extremely simple and elegant. Visit https://college.devilscircuit.com, look at the registration process, follow the steps and voila!

To qualify, each team will have to submit a video nomination which shows them completing the prescribed workout in a minimal amount of time. The workout video can be found on the registration page of the website. Every team will also get two chances to qualify and move forward in the competition, following which the selected teams will be called to shoot at a pre-decided venue in December 2017.

You too could be featured in this competition which will not only give you a shot at riches but also fame. How you ask? The competition will take place on ground but will be shot and broadcast on VH1, allowing millions around the world to see you display your skill, spirit of sportsmanship and courage.

The selection decisions will be taken by a panel of judges who will determine the best teams to participate in the show. The only factors for selection will be the time taken to complete the challenges and of course the correct form being used to complete the workout set. The teams that make it to the show will also be given specific training modules to get them ready for the obstacles on the show.

So that’s it. If you’re up for the challenge, log on now. If not, pass it to someone who can bring glory to your college. The rivalry will end here!

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