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Massive boost for customers as Nike launches website in India

The launch of Nike.Com in India will give consumers access to a wide range of products and services unlike ever before.

News 15 Nov 2016, 12:44 IST
An assortment of Nike shoes at the Nike studio in Singapore

In what is a big win for sports fans all over India, Nike’s decision to launch Nike.Com in the country will give Indians access to all of their favorite products and the services provided by the US-based company that is synonymous with accessories that pertain to all walks of life.

For far too long, Indians haven’t been given the opportunity of accessing their favorite products or services that their counterparts around the world have enjoyed. But that will no longer be the case as Nike’s global strategy has resulted in the launch of the website for the Indian consumers.

The launch of Nike.Com will now mean that the customers not only have access to a wide variety of their favorite products but also products exclusive to the website and services such as the popular Nike iD features which allows the user to customise the shoe from the colour of the sole to the lace.

Nike iD – power in your own hands

One of the website’s biggest advantages, that is offered nowhere is “Nike iD”, which gives the user the ability to customise every single part of their shoe but at the same price of the shoe itself, without any added charges.

Speaking about the feature, Nike said: “Nike iD has been there globally for some time. We have seen humongous success amongst our young customers.where they want to really put their stamp on their footwear. So that success of customising your shoes is what is driving us to make it accessible to a lot more consumers across the world.”

One of the common problems faced by consumers anytime they go to a store is the assortment of products that they get to choose from and with the launch of the website in India, that issue is automatically solved. Along with the fact that from now onwards, there is no need to reach out to a friend or relative who is coming in from another market to carry a particular product that you want, because you can now order it online and get it yourself.

On the issue of variety and solving the problem of choice, Nike said: “In the physical world, you are always constrained for space, there is only so much that you can showcase physically but in the digital world, that concern is easily negated. So you have that much more that you can showcase and therefore categories that we cannot represent in full detail in the physical world, comes to life in the digital world.“

Nike iD is just one of many fascinating features

There was also emphasis on the fact that Nike iD is just one feature of Nike.com, even if that is something that is a huge draw among the younger audience. “For us, the biggest draw, is providing our consumers in India access to a lot more products and informing them of launches/ products that would be at their fingertips shortly. Aside from sizes and specific needs of different consumers and wide assortment of products, all kinds of information that is useful to the consumer is available.”

While owning something your favourite athlete wears is a special feeling in itself, the power of tweaking it and making it something more unique is what Nike hopes will bring more and more people and drive them to getting what they want.

Nike concluded by saying, “This is something that the consumer will intrinsically find out. If you are a true sport fan or a sneakerhead or somebody in love with shoes, what is on offer and the ability to play around with stuff using your fingertips is amazing. The power of I created it on my own is exhilarating. That feeling of happiness and joy in shopping is what you are going to experience in Nike.com.” 

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