Khel Vikas transforming underprivileged children into professional athletes

One of KV’s athlete in the inter-club weightlifting tournament

A group of eight athletes (5 girls and 3 boys) had the first taste of Centre of Excellence (CoE) on 1st September 2014, which will pave the way for their holistic development. The multiple effects of athletes realising their full potential, both professionally and personally, has put them into a secure path of progressing towards their future endeavours at Pro Sport Development.

The focus is on providing structured, goal-oriented and individualised training to transform these underprivileged and tribal athletes to become the best ones in India. Training with world-class equipments alongside international physios and nutrionists gives athletes the confidence to perform at national level competitions.

The help of specialists in nutrition and physiotherapy ensure that the athletes take the right food at the right time. Their intake is carefully planned to give them a balanced routine. Rehab exercises as part of their training ensure that they stay injury free during the competition season. Pursuing education and training at the same place gives the athletes enough rest to continue practicing at a competitive level.

In addition to the training, athletes are also taught English and Computer classes at Khel Vikas. With more focus on speaking, it will help athletes to get a better command over the language and improve their confidence when they speak to others. Using computers will further improve their chances when they apply for jobs or for further studies.

Head of coaching and athletic programs at KV, Cormac Whelan, brings out the positives of CoE. “The aim is not only to make them great athletes but also future role models of India” said Cormac. “There are cases where an athlete’s development would come to a standstill because of lack of education. We don’t want that to happen to the athletes at Khel Vikas. The CoE program will help them succeed both on and off the field, “he added.

One of the athlete who trains in CoE, Aruna Santa, describes this opportunity as a new start to his career. Aruna’s main aim is to represent India at all levels and he feels that CoE gives him the perfect platform to do that. He adds that English and Computer lessons will improve his confidence to apply for jobs and higher education.

Khel Vikas now wants to increase the number of athletes across different sports like Volleyball, badminton and athletics. The opportunity to develop more athletes is what Khel Vikas is striving to do.

Edited by Staff Editor
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