Indian Paddle Festival to take place from 8th to 10th March in Mangalore

India Paddle Festival to take place from 8th to 10th March in Mangalore
India Paddle Festival to take place from 8th to 10th March in Mangalore

The Indian Paddle Festival, the country’s first-ever International Stand-Up Paddling championship, is set to take place from March 8 to 10, 2024, in Karnataka's Mangalore.

The Association of PaddleSurf Professionals World Tour (APP), announced their entry into India with the country's maiden SUP event. It is set to be held right before the launch of the 2024 APP World Tour.

As the organization looks at a fresh and exciting journey, the Indian Paddle Festival will be its first step. This is expected to lead to significant growth of the sport in the region over the years ahead.

It is being organized by Surfing Swami Foundation and presented by Karnataka Tourism. The iconic event is also set to welcome some of the top athletes from the APP World Tour, along with several other aspiring professionals from the region.

APP World Tour CEO Tristan Boxford said (while announcing the championship in India):

We are extremely pleased to make our first entry into India with the Surfing Swami Foundation and Karnataka Tourism. We hope that the India Paddle Festival will help the sport get the much needed push to expand in the region. This championship will also provide an opportunity for the athletes to experience an international competition."

Dhananjay Shetty, Director of the Surfing Swami Foundation, stated:

“This is a very big step for surfing and SUP community in India as we are going to witness the first ever International SUP event in Mangaluru, on the west coast of the country. This event will definitely help our paddlers to gain valuable experience from seasoned athletes from the APP World Tour which will eventually contribute to their learning process."

He added:

"The championship is going to provide boost to our efforts in expanding the sport and highlighting the tourism in the region. With the support of Karnataka Tourism, we look forward to a super successful and an exciting event ahead”.

Japanese World Champion Shuri Araki will be in the spotlight at the Indian Paddle Festival

Japanese world champion Shuri Araki is the youngest to win the world title, when she did so at the age of 16 years. All eyes will be on the now 17-year-old at the Indian Paddle Festival.

“I am very excited to go to India for the first time and take part in India Paddle Festival, looking forward to paddling in new waters and local paddlers," she said.

India's #1 Sekar Patchai expressed his excitement for the event.

“We have always been waiting for an international event of this stature to be hosted in India. It is a chance for stand-up paddlers like me to learn from top international athletes and improve our skills and techniques from them."

He concluded:

"We look forward for India Paddle Festival and hope that the Indian paddlers can put on a show and give a tough challenge to the international athletes. I’m excited for the event, I’m training hard and getting ready for it."