Tokyo Olympics 2021: Opening and closing ceremonies to be simplified due to COVID-19

The opening and closing ceremonies of Tokyo Olympics to be pared back due to COVID-19.
The opening and closing ceremonies of Tokyo Olympics to be pared back due to COVID-19.
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The opening and the closing ceremonies of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021 will be simplified and restrained, the organizing committee recently announced. The decision to simplify the ceremonies has been taken due to the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus.

The Tokyo Olympics was postponed to 2021 as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), with the Japanese government, decided to call off the mega-quadrennial event this year. The COVID-19 pandemic put brakes on every sporting event this year,.

Ceremonies to reflect countermeasures for COVID-19

Seven creative directors were working on the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, the Tokyo Organizing Committee held a conference and announced a new team to help prepare for the events.

A statement released by the organizing committee announced that these ceremonies would take place following the situation next summer.

"Following the postponement of the Games in the wake of the spread of COVID-19 and the accompanying disruptions, we are working to deliver Opening and Closing Ceremonies that will be in tune with the situation next summer."

Creative director Hiroshi Sasaki announced that the modification would not be limited to COVID-19. Sasaki explained that these ceremonies would be relevant to the changing world post-COVID-19 widespread.

The statement revealed that the new team would aim to include the 'symbols of unity and symbiosis of humankind in its overcoming of the COVID-19 pandemic.'

"The ceremonies will still be a great celebration to be enjoyed by the athletes and watching world but will likely take a simpler and more restrained approach designed to reflect the overall simplification of the Games and the potential need to still consider COVID-19 countermeasures," added the statement.

Earlier, the IOC president Thomas Bach had revealed that participating athletes would have a shorter stay than usual in the Tokyo Olympics next year. As per the announcement, participating athletes will arrive five days before their respective events and leave within two days of completion.

More than 11,000 athletes with 4,400 Paralympic athletes are expected at the Tokyo Olympics next year. The postponed Tokyo Olympics will commence in 2021 on July 23rd.

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