Olympic Gold Quest

Olympic Gold Quest Team with the likes of Viren Rasquinha, Leander Paes and Geet Sethi

It takes 6 grams of gold to lift the worth of a nation.

Olympic Gold Quest Team with the likes of Viren Rasquinha, Leander Paes and Geet Sethi

You might have heard about an organization called OGQ (Olympic Gold Quest). This organization with its mission “To assist potential Olympic medal talent to help achieve their dreams and win Olympic Gold medals” is nurturing new talents and converting them to potential medal winners in the Olympics.

Few individuals came together and formed this organization which concerns Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games.

Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) is a program of the Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games which is committed to bridging the gap between the best athletes in India and the best athletes in the world and helping Indian athletes to win Olympic Gold medals. OGQ basically tries to do everything possible to create a level playing field for our athletes to enable them to be competitive at the highest level of sport.

Our country has a population of 1 billion and still we just got 1 gold medal in the previously help Olympics games. The main reason for that is our country has poor infrastructure and lack of financial support for the athletes.

OGQ supports individuals sports and they have selected six disciplines, shooting, athletics, boxing, wrestling, archery and badminton which has the most potential to get medals for the country.

OGQ has various sportspersons, businessmen, sports writers and scouts that have joined hands to search for sportsmen who have talent. They also facilitate the training needs and requirements which will help raise funds which will help the athletes.

The experts systematically oversee and benchmark the progress of athletes and provide funds to them so that they have access to the best coaching and training facilities and to exploit scientific aids including planned nutrition & diet.

The company is providing internship program to the people who want to help in this cause. The company uses 100% of its funds for the training and development of various disciplines and even its administrative and marketing expenses are met by the initial promoters of the company.

Its time to join them for the quest for GOLD.

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