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Rio Olympics 2016: 5 major concerns for the authorities during the Games

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872   //    05 Jul 2016, 21:26 IST

#2 Domestic Crime

The people of Sao Paolo protesting against the rape incident that shook Brazil

Rio De Janeiro will be hosting the Olympic Games and will be the first city in South America to do so. But, for any city that finds itself capable of hosting the grandest event in sports, security is a must. However, we cannot say the same when talking about Rio. The city has been plagued by a large number of appalling crimes in recent times.

Reports have suggested that there is a huge group of mafias who have their eyes fixed on the big event. This year alone, the rate of murders in Rio has increased 15% from 2015’s figure. The police are not guaranteeing the safety of the tourists as their salaries have not been paid until now.

This has also led to the increase in non-lethal crimes like street robberies, petty thefts, and assault. Viral videos all over the internet have shown mobs looting and harassing tourists in broad daylight. The issue of homicides in other cities which will be hosting some events is a major concern as the presence of favelas (shantytowns) in these cities is huge and scattered.

The safety of women is also a big concern, but with strict laws in place, it should keep the hooligans at bay. The much-highlighted issue of drugs is also a worry as mafias throughout Brazil will target the tourists to sell their costly drugs. The drugs racket in Rio has been cleaned for the Games but nothing can be guaranteed in such matters.

Though the government has heightened the security for the event, it will be very tough for the country to provide full security to the residents and tourists.

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