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Rio Olympics 2016: Supermodel Gisele Bundchen to be ‘robbed’ during Olympics opening ceremony

400,000 hours have gone into preparation for the ceremony, which will take place in Rio on Friday night.

News 02 Aug 2016, 18:32 IST
gisele bundchen
Gisele to be “mugged” while cat-walking 

The Olympic organizing committee is trying to maintain secrecy regarding the major details of the opening ceremony. However, it becomes impossible to contain anything when an audience of 3000 attend the dress rehearsal of the spectacle and then take to their social media accounts to tell the world about it.

Opening ceremonies are always a delight to watch. It’s the countries direct effort to show off to the world its uniqueness. Rio isn’t shy about the harsh truth of its streets and instead of hiding it, the country has decided to embrace it by putting it as part of the ceremony that boasts the beautiful history of Brazil. It involves dance, music, 3D projections and a flyover by replica 14 Bis.

14 Bis are the biplanes which were invented by Brazilian aviation pioneer Santos Dumont in 1905-06.

During the Rio 2016 opening ceremony, Supermodel Gisele Bundchen will be mugged as she catwalks her way down the Maracana stadium. When juxtaposed, London 2012 chose to present the majestic Industrial Revolution in its opening ceremony while Brazil chose to show a gloomier side of life in its cities.

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The details of the ceremony have been leaked from the dress rehearsals at the Maracana stadium, which saw its own share of spectators. The opening ceremony will include a comedic follow-up to the robbing by having fake police chase the robber around the 78000-seater stadium.

However, the Olympic organizing committee denied the reports, saying, “There is no robbery”, in a statement, but declined to elaborate.

Ceremony organizers aren’t too happy about the leak and gone to the extent of claiming that any reports about “mugging” are false. However, witnesses have been quoted claiming that the scene exists but its eventual message is peace.

Ceremony director Leonardo Caetano reveals some details of the ceremony

“It will be a reinterpretation of Brazil,” director Leonardo Caetano told the BBC of the ceremony, which has a considerably smaller budget than London’s. “We will have a moment in which we will show... the Brazilian way of receiving people. The second is the 'Garden'. Brazil lives on the largest green reserve in the world and this is an important issue for us.”

Despite this, the overall reactions from the spectators at the dress rehearsal are positive, a much-needed break for Brazil after a hectic time organizing the events. 

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