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Rio Paralympics 2016: The speciality of the Paralympic Games' medals

The medals at the Paralympic Games in Rio have something unique about them which is of great help to the visually impaired athletes

News 05 Sep 2016, 16:29 IST
It is the first time that the medals will be thicker at their center as compared to their edges [Pic: Rio2016/ Alex Ferro]

The Rio 2016 organising committee and the Brazilian Mint have come up with special medals which will be awarded at the Paralympic Games this month.

There will be a total of 2,642 medals (877 gold, 876 silver, 889 bronze) which will be presented to the athletes who finish on the podium in Brazil. These medals will have a device inside of them which will use tiny steel balls to make a sound when they are shaken.

This will allow visually impaired athletes to identify the colour of their medal.

The bronze medals will have only 16 steel balls inside of them which will make the lowest sound. Similarly, the silver medals will have a total of 20 balls and the gold medals will be the loudest and have 28 balls.

The medals which will be given to the athletes have the words  'Rio 2016 Paralympic Games' engraved on them in Braille.

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It will also be the first time in the history of the Paralympic Games that the medals will be slightly thicker at their centre as compared to the edges of the medal. The name of the event in which the athlete wins the medal will also be engraved by laser along the outer edges of the medal.

The weight of each medal at the Paralympics is 500g and will feature a pebble design that symbolise seeds. This design on the medal represents courage, persistence, and development of athletes participating at the Games.

The podium finishers at Rio will also be presented with the mascot of the Games known as Tom

The gold medal is made of gold which has been extracted without the use of mercury. The medals have been produced according to strict sustainability criteria.

On the other hand, the silver and bronze medals have been produced using 30 percent recycled materials. The medals will be hung around the athletes’ necks with the help of ribbons which have been made from recycled plastic bottles. The medals themselves will be presented to the athletes in round cases.

These wooden cases have been made from freijó wood which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The medals will have stunning wooden cases which have been made from top quality wood [Pic Rio2016/ Alex Ferro]

The medals will consist of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games logo on one side and the other side will have the Paralympic symbol of the three Agitos, along with the Braille engraving of ‘Rio 2016 Paralympic Games’.

In keeping with the ecologically responsive theme, the podiums of the medal ceremony at the Rio Paralympic Games will be made from organic materials, which will be a tribute to the tropical nature of Brazil. These podiums will be designed in such a way that they can be reused as furniture after the Games.

The medal trays which will be used by the presenters will be made of certified Curupixa wood which will also be used post the Paralympic Games.

The Brazilian theme continues with the uniforms which will be worn by the medal presenters at the ceremonies. These uniforms have also been inspired by the natural beauty of Rio and by Brazilian culture and fashion.

The Paralympic Games will commence in Rio on 7 September and end on 18 September. 528 events will take place in 23 sports, with athletes from around the world competing for the bragging rights. 

India has sent his largest-ever contingent to the Rio Paralympic Games with 19 athletes from India competing in sports like shooting, athletics, archery and more. 

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