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Sportex Asia 2018: Indian sports sector poised for high growth

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367   //    21 Feb 2018, 18:28 IST

Over 50 speakers are set to take the stage at the Sportex Asia meet.

Sportex.Asia 2018 is the definitive conference on sports in India which focuses on the business of sports and more specifically on investment opportunities in the sports sector in India. 

This year there are over 50 speakers from the Government, Various sporting leagues and teams, Corporates , Advertising agencies and sports federations etc . 

Sports asset owners would be able to interact with funds and High net worth Individuals as well. One of the Key features of this conference is that more than 16 sports leagues and sports assets are being showcased at the event . 

Mr. Raghvendra Madhav the Chairman of Sportex.Asia said, "This year Sportex.Asia will be playing host to various stake holders who are all working towards the growth of the sports sector. We have investors and investment advisors from UK , Europe and the Middle East etc. as well as corporates and high net worth individuals from India who will share their perspectives on how the sports sector in other territories including China has grown out and they will also be looking at where the investment opportunities are." 

He further added, "This is the platform where investors and sports asset owners can interact with each other and network together and . that is what makes the Sportex.Asia platform a significant one."

This year the country in focus at Sportex.Asia 2018 is Spain. In fact, we understand that there is a curtain raiser event for Sportex.Aisa at Madrid, Spain. There were more than 60 participants including some of the main federations example La Liga and Federations such as Basketball, Badminton, Frontball, Futsal, Rugby etc. besides top corporate houses such as Santander Bank the largest bank in Spain were present.

Suryarvir Madhav a Commercial Director of Sportex.Asia who helped put together the curtain raiser event in Madrid, Spain said, "We found that there was lot of interest amongst sports federations and sports entities in Spain to see how they could participate in the high growth sports sector in India.”

We understand that another key focus area for this year's Sportex.Asia conference is the interaction between policy makers chancellors and vice chancellors of some schools, colleges and universities with regard to the inclusion of sports as a key activity in schools and colleges.

Interestingly, we understand that the FM partners of Sportex.Asia - Red FM 93.5 - are running a radio campaign inviting stories from people who are using sports to make an impact amongst the youth. Some of these persons together with some students who will be identified through a competition will be put on stage together with some of the policy makers and top educationalists of the country for an interactive session which promises to be very fruitful.

Watch out for this space as Sportskeeda will get you the latest news from the conference and the latest developments in the various sports leagues which will provide you a flavour of what you can look forward to as the sports sector grows in India .

Press Release
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