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The Commonwealth Games at Delhi in trouble!

05 Aug 2010, 21:05 IST

The Commonwealth Games were being looked upon as an exhibition of not only India’s prowess as a sporting nation but also of its infrastructural quality. However, the same Commonwealth Games might just become a shame, a disgrace!

Do not think me a pessimist, for I am neither the only one raising the objection nor am I without evidence. The Commonwealth Games that begin in October at Delhi has more than one obstacle in its path. Disintegrating sports complexes, leaking roofs at stadiums, corruption charges, cash trails and what not! The Commonwealth Games is sounding its horrid vuvuzela from the Parliament house to 10 Downing Street.

31st July was the deadline for digging the last hole on a Delhi road. Along with the loopholes, the holes dug on the road are to be shut before the Commonwealth Games. The Delhi Government has set 10th August as the deadline to fill up these holes, which is by my watch, just 5 days away! We can’t have the Commonwealth Games when the whole city is is in a manhole!

The Commonwealth Mascot

The Commonwealth Mascot

Before the Commonwealth Games, besides the numerous stadiums that are to be erected and finished – many other arrangements are to be made. The Commonwealth Games begin in October but effectively Tourists and athletes will start flooding Delhi by the second week of September.

The housing arrangements for the athletes and their teams participating in the Commonwealth Games is the first major problem. The Delhi Government are still running short and might need to make temporary last minute arrangements. Then, the sixty thousand beggars that are flooding Delhi currently are to be moved somehow somewhere!

The opening ceremony that is to be held at the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium has been exaggerated a great deal and has even been compared to the opening ceremony in Beijing (Olympics 2008). The Commonwealth Games Committee which is in great trouble right now, will take heart from the fact that at least Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium is complete and ready to face the music!

The other good news is the Terminal 3 that has now been opened for use. This terminal at the India Gandhi National Airport will be used especially for the Commonwealth games and boasts of the best of facilities and international standards. Hope that the Commonwealth Games too are of the highest possible standards!

Go Shera Go!

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