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Top 10 frustrations for an Indian Sports fan

Editor's Pick 12 Aug 2010, 18:17 IST

Frustration can be best described as something that tries your patience, causing annoyance and pushes you up against a wall. I have always been curious about those who are without doubt very talented and have everything going for them and than throwing it away for no rhyme or reason. Frustrating all their near and dear ones.

The world of sports is full of such examples. My list is generic in nature with few notable individuals. And mostly cricket related plus a few other players and teams. It’s as I see it and in no particular order. Difference of opinion is guaranteed and comments welcome.

Please do vote for the biggest frustration according to you as we will change the rankings accordingly.

Indian Hockey Team:

Fluctuating fortunes

One of the rare scenes

The HI vs IHF and Sports ministry controversy aside, even die hard hockey fans have given up all hope on Hockey. My generation has been flattered by the Hockey team numerous time in past 2 decades only to be deceived shortly after. Every famous victory is followed up a shameful defeat. When the 8 time champions failed to even qualify for Olympics, it lost even its most ardent fans. Sentimental amongst us still give an occasional Chak De cry but hope is all but lost. Its in a demise for so long that the once unbeatables are not even in the top league any more. There is no stemming this rot


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