Top 5 Athletes who were caught Doping

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'Hand of God'

#4 Ben Johnson

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Ben Johnson at 1988 Seoul

Hailed as one of the fastest men on the planet, Ben Johnson was beaten by the 'justice'. The Jamaican-born Canadian sprinter certainly represented the golden age of Canadian athletics. Ben was among the few elite personalities who were awarded 'Order of Canada' in 1987. He was also the recipient of the bronze medal in 1984 in 100 meters.

In 1988, after winning gold and setting up the new world record in Seoul Olympics in 100 meters, the International Olympics Committee found Johnson guilty of doping as his urine sample had tested positive for the prohibited anabolic steroids. Johnson later confessed that he had been using steroids for a very long time.

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Edited by Sudeshna Banerjee
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