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Transferring 5 On-Field Soccer Techniques to a Foosball Table

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Shawna Newman
Modified 10 Aug 2018
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Many table games designed to recreate a sport fail to do so in a realistic way, and foosball is no exception. Soccer is a game of flexibility and beauty, which simply can’t be translated to a small box with rigid players on straight rods.

That doesn’t mean, however, some aspects of soccer can’t be translated onto a foosball table. The players may not manoeuvre as they do on a field, but some technical components of soccer can be recreated on a table once you get the feel for it.

1. Catching the ball

A lot of casual players play foosball with no technique at all. They simply turn the rods whenever the ball comes close to one of their players and hope for the best. Catching (or pinning) the ball is the first step in learning how to actually play foosball, instead of just playing around on a foosball table. Catching allows you to take possession, as opposed to constantly defending your own goal.

Here’s how it’s done:

When the ball comes near your player, tilt the rod forward (or backward, depending on which way the ball is moving) so the player’s head dips, allowing the ball to roll under the player’s foot, and then drop the foot down on top of it. This stops the ball in its place. There is obviously little room for error here, so it takes some practice.

This video shows the technique for catching, with additional tips on slowing the ball down:

2. Passing within a line


Once you can catch a foosball, you need to know how to pass it.

Passing between two players on the same rod is the easiest form of passing in foosball, because it does not require moving past any of your opponent’s men. It also proves highly useful in setting up plays, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Here’s how it’s done:

While the ball is still or moving slowly, hold the player vertically on the rod and push or pull the rod to tap the ball with the side of the foot.

The video above also demonstrates this type of side-to-side passing.

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Published 10 Aug 2018, 13:30 IST
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