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13 Mar 2013, 18:50 IST

Hosts are Ravi shastri , shane warne and Ramiz raja

Ravi :
Hello hai gud evng vannacummm ( obvious the venue will be chennai , its cricketing capital of India ( present bcci staff made it that way ). Hello warney and ramiz hwz it going.

(the award jury and organizers asked Ravi to spare a minute in talking about the co-hosts )

Ravi yells ” come on u ppl out der its HImmmesssssh reshemiya to join me” …before he could complete the sentence , the crowd started to leave “He begs them its by saying its not actual Himesh reshmiya not the orginal one rather its some one of his kind Ramiz raja


Rather than red its green here ( green carpet — icc’s decision ( BCCI’s ofcourse :P) as they wanted it to just mock cricketing atmosphere in here )

Whos der ( the lean skinny guy , Gavrau kapoor and Mandira bedi)

Gavrau kapoor ( this guy is irritating everyone who is coming in , with his weird questions and his cartoon smile)

mandira bedi , off late shz been outa cricket , but she was desperate to take part in this event.the thing is she stopped folowing cricket and she wrote down the questions the she should be asking but whom to which question is total mystery to her )

Neeta ambani walks in , she looks quiet excited so does her cute little children , she asks the organisers whether there are are special chairs arranged for Jr.Ambanis ( u knw these ppl need specially designed seating arrangement they wont fit in normal ones :D )

Preety zinta walks in , Gavrau asks her , whom is she routing for…She says SIR , SIr ravindra Jadeja , of course this awards ceremony is all set to accolade him, isn’t it..Mr.Elgant..he z certainly the troll legend

Shilpa shetty now ( seems like ipl ppl are on roll ) , she is excited to watch warne , she z just der to watch warne’s hosting

Nasser Hussain , he z been nominated along with ravi shastri for “rampant in the commentary box” , he didnt get the essence of this awards and still complaining abt Bcci’s reluntance against UDRS

Ms Dhoni arrives with with his wife Sakshi , he wanted to talk something but neither of them ( mandira , gavrau ) dared to ask him anything, bcz they knw MS neva finishes his speech in time (he s knwn for his long talks in post-match presentations) and podium is ready for the awards to be braced.

First award category

Ravi : ” Ladies and gentlemen , lets hear it up for billy bowden , to present the first set of awards for weird bowling actions .. ( billy Bowden to do honours because he z known for his antics )

1)Weird bowling action (popular ) : Lasith malinga

Slinga malingaaaaaaa…..Worlds sexiest cricketer during 2007 WC , the Yorker machine to reign. Toe crusher and what more . ( When even Chris Gayle says its difficult , then it must be really difficult for any batsman to play against this man )

1)Weird bowling action (critics ) : Paul Adams

( )

Adams’s bowling action was highly unorthodox and Mike Gatting likened it to a “frog in a blender”

If one wants to see highly unorthodox bowling of exreme order it’s the bowling action of Paul Adams.I still wonder how can he shoot the ball at the stumps without even looking at them.People say that this guy has eyes on his head , yeah may be..

2)Umpiring prank :

Rudi kortzen , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsAYzL7lUak

His stunt is just hilarious in this , even Sehwag is puzzled .Every player got tricked by his prank.For a moment Dinda started to celebrate.(poor fellow ) .Every one expected Billy bowden to win this , but this is a surprise to everyone.

3)Worst ball ever in history


oh..these are not only the nominees we have , there are still the two more nominees of the recent times.one is by sir ravindra jadega and other is Alfonso Thomas but his antics should not be compared with the former (because Sir Ravindra jadeja is unique )

Ravindra jadeja ,alfonso Thomas

4)Funniest shot :

David Bumble Loyd to award this

This category adores the most innovative shots ( u know any unorthodox out of text book shot of cricket seems to be funny ) .Dilscoops ,helicopters are the some of them. Many of cricket lovers do know the shots which fly over the keeper has become come on these days but prior to Douglas Mourlier scoops was just a unknown jargon in cricketing terms. Who can forget his scoops to Deadly McGrath (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_rlAD_UFGI ) and his heroics against India back in 2002.

Tillakaratne Dilshan redefined the art of batting in Twenty20 cricket with dazzling strokeplay. His innovative and attacking shots rattled bowlers and often left them confused against the patented scoop shot over the ‘keeper’s head. Dilshan exploited the fielding restrictins by his scoops and was the one who plays these scoops efficiently and was successful in making many cricketers to adapt this as a part of their game.


Brad haddin

Though this was not in any international match but still it has won entry into this. Brad Haddin the guy who is known for his conventional stroke play and times bit clumsy too.


MS Dhoni

The most innovative criceker of the modern era , the guy who invented helicopter shot , wins an entry for another type of shot ( God knows what it should be called )


Brendon McCullum


Even this is a kind of scoop , but this is even more great . In the process of sending the ball fine over the short fine leg , Brendon has become the first one to score a six there.

5)Weird dismissal

Inzemaam ul-haq , vvs laxman,kevin Peterson


As u all know Inzamaam never wanted to run .As sunil gavaskar says to win the matches u should convert ones into twos , twos into threes but when u have guys like Inzemaam-laxman on the field they are just reluctant to run. ( threes gets exhausted ,3 runs will b barely ones or twos, doubles turn out to be singles )

7)Funny celebration :

Batting : Chris gayle , the gangam follower

And Sreesant for his famous dance,


Bowling : Jason gillespe,welegedera,lasit malinga,shoib aktar,Bret lee,Dwayne bravo

And Sreesant after dismissal of Andrew symonds

Sreesant , the most animated character ever to grace the cricket field.He even got punished by the turbonator for his mischief but still somethings in this universe do not change are not meant to like sun,moon and sree’s behaviour.people like sreesant are the ones who make cricket much more entertaining than how actually it is.

8)Worst fielding attempt;

Munaf patel ,

He behaves as he has dyslexia on field . Wants to emulate McGrath but ends up just having a mere action of him and nothing else. Heard that he prays a lot while fielding rather than when he is bowling. ( though he prays that ball should not come to him ).And on field even a road-roller moves faster than Munaf patel.

Almost every sub-continent bowler is a bad fielder but munaf patel is the one who stands out.

saeed ajman

All the above thing holds good enough to saeed Ajmal too.

9)Best actor

Harbajan singh , rohit sharma , ravindra jadeja,Shahid Afridi,Andrew symonds

Bajji once a great spinner but now he lost his magic somewhere ( geeta basra to be questioned regarding this )

10)Best fight sequence

Oh..this has a long list to do.U can expect atleast a fight/sledging sequence in every match of Ashes, Indo-pak,Aus-Nz. Now it has become part and parcel of every game. Though people say there is spirit in cricket, it is always been but with some small calculated adjustments.
Gambir – afridi
Harbajan – shoib
Shane warne – marlon samuels
Venkatesh Prasad – amar sohail
Javed milandad vs dennis lilli


India vs Pakistan was the platform for most of these fights and it provides most promising cricketing entertainment.

Of all these , the one in between Shane warne and marlon samuels
Of pitch quarrel

Its Nasser Hussain vs ravi shasatri who mocked each other on air.


6)Life time achievement award : ( most trolled cricketer )

Is it Sir Ravindra Jadeja , Kamran akmal or Rohit sharma

This is the main award of the night. Navjot singh siddu to present this award , every one knows whos gonna b the winner but this guy wants to speak speak speak. He exclaims that “How there is only Sun to the whole solar system the same way there will only be this kind of a cricketer to the world .He was born when a strange constellation occurred right above
Gujrat . He achieved a mammoth at this very tender age.He is none another than Mr. Elegant SIR RAVINDRA JADEJA .

Though Rohit sharma and Kamran Akmal , the brand ambassadors of Maggie.

11)Best appeal:


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