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Video: Man claims to make water-landing without parachute

378   //    29 Oct 2017, 20:22 IST

Yes, you read that right! While Wingsuit Flying, a man landed on water without opening his parachute. If you don't know, Wingsuit flying (or wingsuiting) is the sport of gliding through the air using a wingsuit which adds surface area to the human body to enable a significant increase in lift. A wingsuit flight normally ends by deploying a parachute, but this man tried to do something Crazy.

This stunt was performed in Lake Garda, Italy, where 30-year-old Rafael Doumount describes his preparations and analysis of the landing in the video. He planed to land on the water like an aeroplane, where he planned to skim slowly towards the water.

As we have seen aeroplane landings, the back wheels of the aircraft hit the ground first and then the front wheel, in a similar way he wanted to start landing with his belly first while arching his body backwards. Gradually, his whole body would follow suit.

He knew while taking up this challenge, one wrong move and the injury he would get might be life-threatening. However, he went on with the challenge, and to everyone's amazement, he completed it successfully! As they say, "Higher the risk, Higher the reward", similarly he became the World's first man to land on water without parachute while wingsuiting!

Certain questions have been raised about the authenticity of this video, such kind of glides are not unheard of. Japanese wingsuit pilot Shin Itu flew 16.7 miles, which is the longest anyone has flown horizontally in a wingsuit. Meanwhile, Britain's Gary Connery flew the longest distance in a wigsuit, which stands at 17.838 miles.

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