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Writer of the Week - ending 22nd November

Writer of the Week - ending 22nd November

News 01 Dec 2015, 23:09 IST

Congratulations to Aditya Rangarajan for winning this week's competition! 

Rank Author Title Points
1 Aditya Rangarajan 5 Talking points about Ronda Rousey's defeat to Holly Holm at UFC 193 49
2 Suromitro Basu How a rice farmer's son has sparked Kashmir's cycling revolution near the Indo-Pak border 48
3 Trevor Murray El Clasico Tactical Analysis: Real Madrid 0-4 Barcelona 47
4 Siddartha Khandelwal Ravi Ashwin's claim to being the best bowler in World Cricket today 46
  Shubham Ahuja Dissecting Pep Guardiola's contract phobia - why won't he commit his future to a club? 46
6 Jason Pettigrove 10 players we miss watching in El Clasico 45
  Liam Flin Catalonia XI vs Spain XI - Who would win? 45
  Aditya Ramani Chewing on the GOAT debate: What can Djokovic do to claim the title? 45
  Rajath Kumar Table toppers Fiorentina are leading Serie A's revival 45
10 Shankar Narayan Why Mitchell Starc is the rightful new leader of the Australian pace attack 44
11 Rammyrod NBA: Russell Westbrook is a true freak of nature 43
  Shraishth Jain Peter Svidler - A Russian Grandmaster who loves cricket and Sachin Tendulkar! 43
  Ishan Sen 5 great all-time cricket records that can be broken in the foreseeable future 43
14 Deeptesh Sen 10 fastest runners and strike rotators between the wickets in cricket history 40

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