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Yash Mohan Pawar: India's youngest motocross rider

Yash Mohan Pawar from Nashik and is presently pursuing his 7th standard in St Xavier’s High School. Speaking to Deccan Herald, Yash says that racing runs in the family.  My uncle Sambhaji... Read more »

News 20 Mar 2012, 12:12 IST

Yash Mohan Pawar from Nashik is a 7th standard kid  from St Xavier’s High School. Speaking to Deccan Herald, Yash says that racing runs in his family. His uncle Sambhaji Pawar is a racer and even his dad Mohan Pawar was into racing.

“I am 12 at present and I first started riding the bike when I was 8.  Federation of Motor Sports Club of India gave me a licence to take part in contests in 2011. I have been racing since then. I have participated in more than 10 races so far,” says young Pawar.

“I have been allowed to race, only on the condition that I continue my studies. I balance between my studies and hobby. I mostly practice on weekends,” he says and adds that he wants to be an automobile mechanic when he grows up.

Yash has reached the tenth place in last year’s Gulf Dirt Track Championship. He had finished fourth in Ashok Dirt Track competition at Mumbai last year.

“Yash was always passionate about riding. We brought him a small motorcycle when he was eight. He used to practice on his own while I and my brother used to practice. We came to know he has a talent and we are in full support of him,” says Mohan Pawar.

He also adds that in foreign countries, there are age-wise categories but this is not same in India. If this was allowed, more kids with talent like Yash would have been in the field.

His father Mr. Mohan Pawar  has recently brought a Honda CR-85 which costs Rs 3 lakh, for his son.

“I am proud of my son. Every sport has its fatalities and we have to face it. I shall support Yash in his endeavour. I want him to follow his dreams,” says Yash’s mother Smitha.

“I am not scared. I love racing. In my pass time, I love playing video games, especially the bike racing ones,” says Pawar and adds that he is a great fan of rider C S Santosh.

Other famous riders like Pramod Joshua, Pratibh H L and Aravind K P are also a great support to me. They guide me and tell me where I have done mistakes. “When I grow up, I want to be like them,” says Yash.

The young one does not have a licence to ride on roads but dreams of owning a Haya Busa when he hits 18.

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