How Does a Prop Bet Work?

Complete guide on How a Prop Bet Works. Know about Prop bets in Detail, Examples of prop Bets, Rules and Regulations, Best Tips, FAQs, and much more!

How Does a Prop Bet Work?

A prop bet is a wager that is not directly tied to the outcome of the contest. There are certain props that have to do with the game as a whole and the performance of the teams involved in the game. Most of the well-known props revolve around the accomplishments of individual players.

Examples of Prop Bets

Prop bets are available for the most of the sports found on legal US sportsbooks. The sports that attract the most betting capacity usually have the widest variety of bets attached, while wagers can scant in other markets. Some common examples of the prop bets you will come across include.

NBA - Examples of Prop Bets

  • The margin of victory- these bets involve one to three points or four to nine points or more.

  • Will the game go overtime? Yes/no?

  • How many total points plus assists for a certain player? Over/under 78.5?

NFL - Examples of Prop Bets

  • Will the game have a safety? Yes/no?

  • Which team will generate more rushing yards? Team A or Team B?

  • How many total receptions will a certain player have? Over/under 6.5?

MLB - Examples of Prop Bets

  • Which team will score as the number one? Team A or Team B?

  • Will extra innings be used to decide the outcome of the game? Yes/no?

  • How many total hits plus walks will there be for a specific player? Over/under 2.5?

NHL - Examples of Prop Bets

  • Will the game end up in a shootout? Yes/no?

  • Which side will attain the highest number of shots in the game? Team A or Team B?

  • How many total points will be present for player A? over/under 1.5?

Prop Betting Odds: Explained

When it comes to prop betting odds, there are only two choices to make. How many TDs will a player pass for?

  • Over 2.5 (-125)

  • Under 2.5 (+105)

There are also prop bets that have numerous picks. In this instance, you must consider who will be the leading scorer for a certain team?

  • Player A (-130)

  • Player B (-115)

  • Another player (+120)

States Rules and Regulations for Prop Bets

There are disparities in certain state betting laws, including the legal age to play. For instance, in some states, the legal age is 18, while in others, it’s 21. States have agreed on certain laws like blocking those on restricted lists from gambling and preventing those with a close relationship to a sport from betting on those contests.

Prop Bets House Rules

Sportsbooks pull prop bets on players who are removed prior to a game starting off the board. In such cases, books usually void and refund any placed bets. In addition, props are usually settled based on official league data and statistics. However, when you choose to play at a new sportsbook, you should review the house rules, so you know what to expect.

What are Legal and Illegal Prop Bets?

Certain states haven’t legalized prop bets on college athletes, which makes them illegal. Additionally, props are limited to actual sporting events. At offshore betting sites, you may see prop bets for illegal things in the US, such as on entertainment programming.

How to Make a Prop Bet: Explained

  1. Select the game from your sportsbook.

  2. Each prop bet outcome will have moneyline odds.

  3. Select and bet the desired amount.

  4. Your bet will win if you pick the correct outcome.

Prop Bets on Live Games

Live odds change quickly, which is why you should use them as soon as they are offered.

How does a Prop Bet payment work?

Prop bets are paid the same as other bets. Once you win your wager, the money is sent to your account.

What are Live Proposition Bets?

Certain prop bets can allow you to wager on each kick, drive, at-bat, or faceoff.

What is Super Bowl Prop Betting?

These are props released a week before a big game, and they allow you to bet on everything.

Can you Handicap your Prop Bets?

Yes, by evaluating the performance of each player leading up to the Super Bowl.

Best Tips for Prop Bets

Since multiple sportsbooks will have lines for the same props, choose one with the greatest profit potential for the lowest risk. Additionally, you should consider a star player’s impact on his team’s final point tally. Furthermore, wait until the last minute before you place a prop bet.

Prop Bets FAQs

  • How do prop bets win? Your prop bet will win if you select the correct outcome.

  • Are prop bets good bets? Yes, prop bets are good for various reasons. For instance, they don’t need you to predict the game’s outcome in advance.

  • What are player prop bets? These are bets gamblers make by looking at the performance of a player in a certain game.

Do Prop Bets PUSH

Yes. Your prop bet will push if the result equals the sportsbook’s line. For example, if you bet that a hockey player will score more than two goals and the player ends up scoring exactly that, your prop bet would push. The sportsbook will then refund your wager.

Can Prop Bets be made on Live Games?


Can Prop bets be made on Super Bowl?


What is the Best Place to make Prop Bets?

Nearly every major sportsbook offers prop bets on games on a variety of sports.

What are Personal Prop Bets?

A personal prop bet is a bet that is dependent on the performance and accomplishments of individual players.