NCAA Basketball Betting and Odds Explained

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Odds in NCAAB represent the favorable outcome in a game. For instance, Moneyline odds are placed on the team that will win in an upcoming game. You can also use these odds to wager on the total points that will be scored during the game. Additional NCAAB odds are explained below.

Where is NCAA Basketball Betting Legal?

Types of NCAA Basketball Betting

There are more than 300 teams playing at the Division I level of NCAA basketball. This means that there are tons of games to consider throughout the season. You can find odds for all games available for wagering at legal sportsbooks. Certain books normally provide a dedicated tab for college basketball, while others have an extensive basketball section. The main listing of each usually has the odds for different types of betting, including Moneyline betting, spread betting, and totals betting.

NCAA Basketball Moneyline Betting

Moneyline wagers are bets placed on which team you think will win the game. There are no point spreads to consider or any other aspects to consider, as it all comes down to who wins the game. If you place a Moneyline bet on team A and they win the game by 1 or 100 points, you will still win your bet. If they lose the game by certain points, you will lose your bet. The favorite line in the matchup will have negative odds, while the underdog will have positive odds. The bigger the favorite team is, the less money you will be paid on a winning bet. In addition, if the underdog is the bigger team, you will be paid more money on a winning bet.

NCAA Basketball Over/Under Betting

Over/under bets are basketball wagers placed on the total number of cumulative points. These are the points scored while the game is being played. The betting apps usually set a line on how many total points will be scored during the game. When placing the bet, you will bet on whether you think more or fewer points will be scored. Once the game is over, both the team’s point totals are added together. Suppose that number is lower than the set totals line, the under wins. However, if that number is greater than the set totals line, the over wins.

NCAA Basketball Against the Spread Betting

A college basketball spread bet is a wager placed on which team will outdo their expectation. The NCAAB betting sites set a line of how many points they think a team will win by. If the team expected to win does so by more points than they were supposed to, that team will win your bet. However, if the team expected to lose the game wins or loses by fewer points than they were intended to, that team will win the bet.

NCAA Basketball Prop Betting

Prop betting involves placing a wager on whether or not something will happen during an upcoming game or tournament. You can simply bet yes or no, and you may also see a few other options. This usually depends on the bet. For instance, will a certain team reach the Final Four?

NCAA Basketball Parlay Betting

Parlay betting involves placing a bet in which you combine multiple college basketball picks into a single bet. This allows you to increase your odds in case you win. When it comes to parlay betting, it’s impossible to wager on every game with a straight bet. These bets are the best for bettors who prefer to wager smaller amounts at greater odds.

NCAA Basketball Futures Betting

A futures bet is defined as a bet placed on the winner of a tournament. You will pick the team you think is going to win the tournament. If you are accurate, you will win your bet.

NCAA Basketball Odds, Picks, and Predictions

With many college basketball teams, there are plenty of opportunities to find good value college basketball picks. Since many games are played each day, it is hard for sportsbooks to get the lines correct for every single match. Therefore, it is your role as a sports bettor to search for the best value picks. For instance, you can wager against the spreads or the bets discussed above. Early college basketball odds are soft and offer more leeway than adjusted odds.

These odds get tighter as the game time gets closer. You can use college basketball predictions against the spread and over/under for every game involving a Top 25 team. When using these predictions, you should not only focus on March Madness but the entire season. In addition, the predictions you use should be accompanied by a detailed analysis, including reasoning and the key information ahead of the game.