How To Legally Bet On Golf Games Online

How to Legally Bet On PGA Majors and other Golf Cups Online

First, find a reliable online sportsbook, create an account and make a deposit. When you enter your first deposit, enter a bonus code. You can then place a bet on the golfer you think will win.

Top 10 Online Sportsbooks for Golf Betting

  1. Caesars Sportsbook

  2. PointsBet

  3. FanDuel Sportsbook

  4. DraftKings Sportsbook

  5. BetRivers

  6. BetMGM

  7. FOX Bet

  8. Betway

  9. Bet365

  10. SugarHouse

Golf Betting Guide for Beginners

To be able to bet on golf, first you need to understand and grasp the operations of its various events. It is based on a scoring system called par. Par is identified as a basic standard set based on the number of strokes a player takes to finish a hole, usually three to five of them. With the technology advancement, betting has become an easy task. There are different sites where you can get access to and do golf betting. However, it can be easy to quickly get betting tips since apps provide an easier and quicker way to place bets.

Finding Favorite Betting Method

This is the first and most important thing to do in the process of starting to bet on Golf. Thus, you need to consider some things before choosing the best platform. First, you need to know which apps are available in your location since you may not access the sportsbooks based on the company owner. Secondly, consider your preferred features, such as live betting and major tournaments like the PGA Championship and Masters. Finally, is the money you want to spend on Golf betting.

Online Sportsbooks Vs. Betting Apps on Golf

There are some unique differences between online sportsbooks and Golf betting apps that you should know before getting into betting. Some of the key differences include;

  • Payment Options

  • User interface

  • Live Betting

  • Special Features

Method of Payment options in Golf Betting you need to know

  • Credit Card-it is accepted by almost all the golf betting sites and apps

  • E-wallet—Most apps, websites, and online sportsbooks use this method for a secure transactions.

  • Electronic Check---- This method is not so popular because it takes time for the money sent to reflect on your account.

  • Prepaid Debit Card--- It is linked directly to a Golf account where you can top up.

Online Golf Betting:

Golf betting doesn't have any points spreads or under/over bets. This means you will place a bet on which golfer will win the event. However, this doesn't mean you can only bet on one golfer. You can choose a few separate bets to improve your chances of making money.

What are Golf Odds?

Golf odds are odds that adjust based on the golf bets you make. The real golf odds for any player depend on the number of entries. There are winner wagers, place bets, matchup bets, group bets, live bets, futures bets, group bets, and prop bets.

How to Bet on Golf Online: Explained

The most common bet you can make on golf is picking a player to win a specific award, event, or season-long contest. When betting, you will see a list of players and a value next to them that either starts with a plus or minus sign, followed by 3-, 4-, 5- or a six-digit number. For example, if there is a 31.0 chance for your golfer to win, you need to calculate the odds with the stake to get the amount you will win; that is (Stake X odds) – stake= profit”.

Top-10 Type Golf Bets

  1. Golf tournament winner betting

  2. Each-way golf betting

  3. First-round leader betting

  4. Top nationality betting

  5. Match play betting

  6. Head-to-head betting

  7. Top 5/10/20 betting

  8. Hole-in-one betting

  9. Futures betting

  10. Props betting

  11. Understanding the odds

Golf Prop Bets Explained

Golf prop bets are wagers on whether or not an activity will happen (or how many times it will happen) during a tournament or round. Prop bets include skilled and unskilled bets, which require no skill to predict.

How a prop bet works

Unlike the point spread, money line, and other forms of betting that follow a particular listing, prop bets are presented differently in sportsbooks. Therefore, some of the props usually have to make two choices. For example, how many TDs will be passed by Gregory for= Over 2.5(-125) and under 2.5 (+105). However, just like other bets, prop bets odds are also subject to change based on the betting action. The book normally adjusts the bidding numbers to regulate the preferences.

Examples of Prop Bets

How many birdies for Thomas Gregory in the second round—over/under 2.5?

Outright Golf Bets

Outright betting in golf involves wagering on an individual player to win the tournament. Outright odds are higher in golf because it is difficult for a player to win a tournament in fields of around 150.

Strategy On Outright Golf Bets

Since there is a possibility of getting high returns on the investment, you can place your bets on different players and get a good profit if one of them wins among your players. It can be effective to bet on each tier on a couple of players. For example, Longshots (+6000 or higher), favorites (+2400 or lower), and contenders (+3500 -+5500). In such a scenario, placing a $10 bet for six players sums to sixty dollars.

Golf Live Betting

In golf, Live betting is referred to as In-play betting. It gives you a chance to play wagers in tournaments, and the round happens in real time. For example, if your golfer finishes the 13th hole, you can place a bet in real time, predicting their score in the 14th. However, it is always first placed and requires a lot of confidence.

Three-Ball Golf Bets

Three-ball golf bets are placed when golfers are grouped with trios on the course. You place a wager on the golfer you think will finish with the best score out of the trio.

Examples of three-ball betting

Patrick Cantlay +290

Johnson Dustin +220

Thomas Justin+ 150

Among these three payers playing the weekend tournament round one together. If you pick that for round 1, Thomas will have scored the best with $100 bets, it will give you a profit of $100.

Betting tips for 3-ball

The best thing to do is that you need to consider the right groups first. You don’t have to find the best individuals in golf. You only need to identify among the group of three who is the best golfer. Remember that the bet is only for round one; the recent early rounds are the key determiner and should be the concern.

Player vs. Player Golf Bets: Head to Head

For player vs. player golf bets, you can place a bet on who will win. For instance, if the Moneyline has player A at +160 and player B at -120, player B is the favored player, and you will win $100 if you bet $120. By placing a $100 bet on player A and he wins, you will make $160.

Round Leader Golf Bets

Round leader golf bets are placed on who will be the leader at the end of a round. This is often a good bet if you know a player always does good in the first round of the tournament.

Strategy to make round leader bets on Golf

The most important thing is to check on the weather and course conditions. This will help in determining which player can excel during certain situations. The history of the player research will play a key role in helping place the best and possible win bets.

Country/Nationality Golf Bets

A nationality golf bet is a bet that a player from a particular country or region will win or that the specific player will emerge as the top player from a country.

Golf Parlay Betting and Odds

A parlay bet involves placing a bet on several outcomes to occur. This bet requires all selected outcomes to fittingly win.

Live/In-Play Golf Bets

For in-play golf bets, you can bet in real-time after a golfer finishes the 12th line. Your bet will be on how the golfer will score on the 13th line.

Golf Futures Betting and Odds Explained

The futures bet is based on who will win the FedEx Cup. Your odds for future betting will be better at the beginning of the year because a lot can happen throughout the year.

Making The Cut Golf Bets

These are bets that you make on the players you think will make the cut. This means you find players who are not favorites to achieve value.

Upcoming Golf Schedule for 2022-23: PGA, Masters, US Open, and more

The 2022-23 slate features 47 tournaments, with the season opener in Napa, California, the four majors, a President's Cup, and the FedEx Cup Playoffs finale in Atlanta. The 2023 majors are the Masters (April 6-9) and the U.S. Open at Los Angeles Country Club (June 15-18).

Top 5 Active Golf Players to Bet On

  1. Tiger Woods

  2. Jordan Spieth

  3. Collin Morikawa

  4. Rory McIlroy

  5. Jon Rahm

Best Golf Betting Strategies for Beginners

Before you bet on golf, always look at the extended forecast for the whole tournament and the detailed daily forecasts. Similarly, always look for the player's history on a course and how the tournament's layout matches those of the past years.

Strategy 1

Pay attention to any lingering injuries that can ruin your bet by going through injury reports.

Strategy 2

Situational betting involves keeping an eye on external factors such as wind before placing your bet.

Strategy 3

Pay attention to line movement, even though it is not common in golf tournaments.

Best Golf Betting Tips for Beginners: Dos and Don'ts


  • Investigate how the field performs on a specific course.

  • Understand the key metrics like driving distance and how they relate to performance on the course.

  • Pay close attention to the weather conditions as they affect the player's performance.

  • Be patient

  • Spread your bets

  • Use the determining value to bet

  • Track your bets

  • Compound your stakes


  • Don't use only one betting option. Look at more options like head-to-head to enjoy more opportunities.

  • Do not bet with a lot of money

  • Do not bet on your favorites

  • Do not bet some of the few players

  • Do not cash out your bets

Golf Betting FAQs

Why do all golfers in a tournament have long odds?

Since golf tournaments host plenty of players, there can be a field of players up to 150. Even the best golfers can be highly favored and still maintain the odds of 50 or higher.

How do you bet on Golf?

Choosing the individual you think will win the tournament is one of the most common ways to place a bet in golf. However, with the sportsbooks available, you can now access odds updates, making winning different events easy after every round.

Legal age for Golf bets?

For you to place any golf bets, you must have attained a minimum legal age based on the state where you are betting. However, most states usually require one to be at least older or 21 years; others require 18 years and above. And you must ensure that your state has legally allowed golf bets.

Is golf betting legal in the U.S.?


Where can I bet on Golf?

Arkansas, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Delaware, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Rhode Island, Tennessee, West Virginia, DC, and Virginia.

What are the best Golf bets?

Win bets are the best as they allow you to choose a particular round when a certain golfer will win or the tournament.

Can you make money betting on golf?

Yes, it is easy and quick to make in golf betting as far as you do a thorough analysis and get to understand various concepts related to golf.

What do odds mean in golf betting?

Positive odds are for favorites, while negative odds are for underdogs.

Can you parlay Golf bets?

Yes. This involves placing a bet to occur on multiple outcomes, and it requires correct wins from all the selected outcomes. For example, if you parlay $200 on Tiger Woods to beat Mickleson and Justin to be beaten by Brooks during the US Open, both bets need to be true to win the parlay bet.

Bets you can Parlay

  • Moneylines

  • Player props

  • Points spreads

What states allow online golf betting?

Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island.

What is the most profitable bet for golf?

"To win" bet where you bet the golfer you think will most likely win or has the best value attached to them.

Where can I see more Golf betting analysis and content?