K-Dramas You Had No Clue  EXO's Kai  Starred In



EXO's Kai has started his compulsory military service on May 11, which surprised fans who were eagerly waiting for the group's delayed comeback.

Sudden Enlistment


Kai is a skilled performer known for his singing, dancing, and appearances in  K-dramas.

Skilled Performer


Here are 4 binge-worthy K-Dramas featuring Kai.

K-Dramas Featuring Kai


Kai played a significant role in the mini-drama starring EXO members, which fans enjoy as it features the members and makes viewers' hearts flutter.

1) EXO Next Door (2015) as a fictionalized version of himself


Kai plays the lead role in the Korean web series Choco Bank, which follows a young graduate facing various issues in life, and features Park Eun-bin in a supporting role.

2) Choco Bank (2016) as  Kim Eun-haeng


Kai shines in the mainstream K-drama Andante, delivering a compelling performance as a city boy adapting to life in the countryside, making it a must-watch for its storyline and well-written characters.

3) Andante (2017) as  Lee Shi-kyung


Kai plays a guardian angel in the  K-drama The Miracle We Met, bringing  a unique storyline and keeping viewers engaged with hilarious consequences.

4) The Miracle We Met  (2018) as Ato

Digital Spy

EXO's Kai has showcased his acting talent in various dramas, including Haru ga Kita, where he played a Korean cameraman, and in promotional web dramas like 7 First Kisses, displaying his versatility as an actor.

Honourary Mention


EXO's Kai has scheduled a fanmeeting just before his enlistment, providing an opportunity for fans worldwide to watch the event through a live broadcast on EXO's YouTube channel.



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