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3 Undeniable Reasons People Love Joel Parkinson

74   //    27 Jul 2018, 13:30 IST

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Joel Parkinson wins at J Bay

So the legend retires, or say has decided to retire and when he does at the end of this year, it will end a great career in itself. Joel Parkinson was the only Australian World champion in the men’s World Surfing Tour. As surfing now has been officially included in Tokyo Olympics 2020, it will be painful to watch the event being held without this Australian legend.

As he will surf in his last event in December this year, let’s have a look at some of the undeniable reasons in his career that forced people to fall in love with him.

#1 Pleasing on the eye

The first time he really came into prominence was at the ASP World Tour in the Billabong Pro at Jeffreys Bay in 1999. That was his first World Title and he emerged as a surfer very pleasing on the eye and a surfer who made his mark with his style and aggression. Parkinson won the tournament and people regarded him as being very unique in the way he surfs. He always made everything look so easy and graceful and that was the time he started making fans and the process never stopped from there. He always had impressive ideas and when you look at what he actually did, such was his magic that you just could not take your eyes off.

#2 Technique

Joel Parkinson has such a technique that he covers a lot more wave surface than anybody else. He started surfing as a child and was born with a technique that allows him to surfs really smoothly, really cleanly and really aggressively. He became the youngest surfer to win a Billabong Contest. His approach is very clean and beautiful. It is just what young surfers should always look at and try to emulate. He has made himself a role model as far as surfing is concerned. Balance is very essential in surfing and who could be more balanced in the water but Joel Parkinson. He not only balances himself in water but also balances himself in his free surfing and how much he surfs. He never overdoes something and that is one of the best qualities to have.

#3 Personality

Charisma is a word that describes Joel Parkinson perfectly. A man with the perfect sportsman spirit and very high values is always loved and Parkinson had a person with qualities that are quite rarely found. He has always been much respected among his colleagues and one of the most liked personalities in Australian surfing. He had great personality traits but one thing that stands out in his personality are his work ethics. Whether it’s training or an international competition, his work ethics were always applauded. His sheer determination and ‘Never Give Up’ approach helped him win the 2012 ASP World Championship.

Joel Parkinson was an all-rounder and a legend in surfing. His career was amazing and amazing was his personality which attracted fans from all over the world. When Joel Parkinson will surf in his last event in Pipeline Masters in Hawaii, it will be the last time his fans will see him surf. He might not surf again but the joys that he gave and his memories will be relished forever.

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