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Surfers who make it seem like they use Fevicol on their boards

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You know what is the coolest thing on this planet? Riding over sea waves with an obscenely-shaped plank while wearing shorts and smoking a cigar (and sunglasses for added effect). In other words: surfing.

While surfers don’t really smoke a cigar while riding on the waves—and we don’t advise them to either as we don’t advocate smoking—they sure do look cool in a very epic way. After all, we have ridden cars and bikes, but riding on water? Man, that’s dope!

The key thing for surfers is to keep hold of the surfing board. No matter what, they can’t lose it. If that happens, they risk being devoured by the dangerous tempest of the water.

Despite the risks, we’ve seen plenty of occasions where surfers have just vowed us with their magic. Their balance and hold on the board and water is such that it makes us think they’ve applied Fevicol on their feet and the surfing board!

Let’s take a look at 3 occasions where surfers showed the most Majboot Jod with their surfing boards:

#1 Garett McNamara walking on water

OMG. Just look at this! It looks like the waves are on a mission to touch the moon! Jesus Christ! How could one not be intimated by that?! Perhaps the surfer, Garrett McNamara, has nerves of steel… or simply Fevicol on his soles.

Just look at him go—he is just cruising on the waves like it was a walk in the park. The waves might have washed him over, but he was still stuck to the surf-board. A truly commendable feat!

#2 Laird Hamilton or Lord Hamilton?


These are not waves that you see here: these are freaking monsters! The surfer here is Laird Hamilton and his astute control combined with the way he traverses on the waves is just purely electrifying, to say the least.

And the best part is that he doesn’t tumble over while riding the monster. His soles are glued, pun intended, to the board to make it seem like the plank is an extension of his legs itself.

#3 The best barrel runs in surfing

How cool would it feel to go through a tunnel made of water and come out victorious on the other end. The good surfers experience this feeling on a daily level and you can see that in the video above!

It takes years of practice to ride the waves like a pro like these guys have. And with the dangers in the water, it makes sense for only a pro to try these stunts. However, if you’re a daredevil and want to stil give it a go, we’d advise you to apply Fevicol on your feet before you hit the waves! Afterall, the only rule of surfing is, ‘Pakde Rehna, Chhodna Nahi’!

SK Staff
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