US Olympic Swimming Trials 2021 Wave 1 Results: Camille Spink, Katie Trace & Jacob Steele impress on Day 1

US Olympic Swimming Trials wave 1
US Olympic Swimming Trials wave 1
Alex Bishop

The 2021 US Olympic Swimming Trials are now underway as contestants compete for the right to represent their nation at Tokyo 2020.

A decision was made by USA Swimming to split the trials into two seperate “waves” to make for a safer contest in light of the pandemic.

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A total of eight events were held, with a preliminary round deciding the seeding for the subsequent finals taking place later in the day. The Swimming Trials qualification tournament is being held at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

High schoolers Camille Spink and Kristina Paegle finished first and second respectively in the Women’s 100m Free Finals. Both will advance to Wave 2 of the US Olympic Swimming Trials next week. Spink posted a time of 55.25 seconds, matching the 12th all-time record for the 15-16 age group. Meanwhile, Paegle swam a personal best of 55.91 seconds to mark her name in the history books of the US Olympic Swimming Trials.

In a topsy-turvy turn of events, Katie Trace went on to win the Women’s 200m Fly Finals as the seventh seed. Emma Sticklen will join Trace in Wave 2 of the US Olympic Swimming Trials after finishing second.

US Olympic Swimming trials 2021: Event timings, lists and live streaming details

Jacob Steele and Nathaniel Stoffle mirrored their prelim form to finish first and second respectively, marching on to Wave 2. Both swam their best times in what turned out to be a fiercely contested two-horse race.

Despite qualifying 16th in the 100m Free Prelims, Harvard University freshman Mandy Brenner was scratched from the Finals sheet for Day 1. Her coach cited a family wedding as the reason and confirmed that the swimmer will return for the 50m Free event later at the Swimming Trials.

Full Results of Day 1 US Olympic Swimming Trials

Women’s 100m Free Finals


1. Camille Spinke (NCAP) – 55.25

2. Kristina Paegle (ISC) – 55.91

3. Trude Rothrock (TENN) – 56.01

Men's 100m Free Finals


Patrick Sammon (AQUASN) – 49.94

Luke Miller (EA) – 50.05

Michael Eastman (UofL) – 50.14

Women’s 200m Fly Finals


Katie Trace (OSU) – 2:12.57

Emma Sticklen (KATY) – 2:12.58

Martina Peroni (NAAC) – 2:12.61

Men's 200m Fly Finals


Carl Bloebaum (RAYS) – 1:58.90

Colby Mefford (SMST) – 1:59.63

Sebastien Sergile (SA-GA)/Micah Slaton (TRI) –

Women’s 100m Back Finals


Autumn Haebig (HUSK) – 1:01.23

Kobie Melton (UARK) – 1:01.89

Casey Chung (CW) – 1:01.93

Men's 100m Back Finals


Jacob Steele (ISC) – 55.23

Nathaniel Stoffle (SPAC) – 55.28

RJ Kondalski (OSU) – 55.40

Women’s 800m Free Timed Finals


Hayden Miller (CFSC) – 8:39.81

Abigail McCulloh (SA-GA) – 8:42.17

Elle Braun (WA) – 8:43.53

Men's 800m Free Timed Finals


Garrett McGovern (NAVY) - 8:11.25

Luke Johnson (NAVY) - 8:12.33

Joshua Brown (HIGH) – 8:15.07


Women’s 100m Free Prelims

Camille Spink (NCAP), 55.63

Kristina Paegle (ISC), 56.04

Zoe Skirboll (RXA), 56.13

Mykenzie Leehy (ISWM), 56.17

Christiana Regenauer (UOFL), 56.24

Sarah Shackelford (VT) / Marina Spadoni (UN-FL), 56.28

Trude Rothrock (TENN), 56.30

Michael Eastman (UOFL), 50.64

Phil Costin (UN-SC), 50.72

Women’s 200m Fly Prelims

Alex Massey (NAC), 2:13.01

Emma Sticklen (KATY), 2:13.20

Casey Cullen (PWAC), 2:13.76

Caroline Sheble (NOVAVA), 2:14.08

Mackenzie McConagha (NCAP), 2:14.11

Martina Peroni (NAAC), 2:14.30

Katie Trace (OSU), 2:14.71

Kate McCarville (SPA), 2:14.77

Men's 200m Fly Prelims

Carl Bloebaum (RAYS), 1:59.57

Micah Slaton (TRI), 1:59.75

Sebastien Sergile (SA-GA), 1:59.87

Noah Henderson (NCS), 1:59.90

Colby Mefford (SMST), 2:00.15

Sam Folger (GS), 2:01.29

Sam Artmann (TXLA), 2:01.50

Jacob Pishko (TAC-NC), 2:01.64

Women's 100m Back Prelims

Autumn Haebig (HUSK), 1:01.58

Kobie Melton (UARK), 1:01.77

Tea Laughlin (CAL), 1:02.37

Casey Chung (CW), 1:02.42

Emily Lenihan (DUKE), 1:02.65

Marie Schobel (UN-NJ), 1:02.69

Tatum Wall (NCAP), 1:02.82

Bayley Stewart (UN-CO), 1:02.83

Men's 100m Back Prelims

Jacob Steele (ISC), 55.46

Nathaniel Stoffle (SPAC), 55.62

Nate Germonprez (ISWM), 55.77

Tucker Burhans (UNC), 55.80

Ethan Gogulski (TAMU), 55.83

Joseph Hayburn (ASC-MD), 55.90

Blake Hanna, (CATS), 55.96

RJ Kondalski (OSU), 55.98

Women's 800m Free Timed Finals

Sally Tafuto (OSU), 8:49.18

Michaela Mattes (SYS-FL), 9:07.50

Emily Gjertsen (DUKE), 9:12.33

Men's 800m Free Timed Finals

Joshua Brown (HIGH), 8:15.07

Parker Reynolds (SMSC), 8:26.03

Joseph Gutierrez (UN-MV), 8:42.93

All U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials results courtesy Swimswam

Edited by Samya Majumdar
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