“One step forward”: Unveiling the secrets of Michael Phelps' unmatched discipline and dedication on the path to Olympic greatness

WM Phoenix Open - Previews
Michael Phelps at the WM Phoenix Open

Retired swimmer Michael Phelps is widely recognized as the most decorated Olympian in history, and his remarkable achievements can be attributed to his extraordinary discipline and dedication.

He referred to his journey as "rocket science," highlighting the immense effort and commitment required to reach the pinnacle of success.

Phelps revealed that his dreams of becoming the greatest were the initial driving force behind his relentless pursuit of excellence.

“As a kid, I had dreams bigger than any one could ever dream. I wanted to be the greatest,” he said.

However, having dreams alone was not enough. Phelps took an incredible step forward by committing to an intensive training regimen. He disclosed that for a span of five or six years, he did not miss a single day of training, dedicating himself to his craft 365 days a year.

Such a level of persistence set him apart from other swimmers, giving him an edge in the highly competitive world of swimming.


Phelps highlighted the significant advantage he gained from his unwavering routine.

“I went through a span of five or six years when I didn`t miss a single day of training, 365 days a year,” he stated.

Phelps recognized that in the world of swimming, missing just one day would set him back by two days in terms of progress.

“I got 52 extra days each year, more than anybody else had. In the world of sports of swimming, if you miss one day, it takes you two days to get back to where you are,” he added.

Phelps's mental strength was also crucial in his journey. Despite the physical toll and the temptation to take days off, he remained focused and committed.

“Everyone else were taking a step back on Sunday when they weren’t swimming and I was taking that one step forward,” he stated.

Michael Phelps joins forces with Derek Jeter and Zach Johnson in celebrity foursome game for children's hospital fundraising

Michael Phelps - American Family Insurance Championship
Michael Phelps - American Family Insurance Championship

The American Family Insurance Championship held a celebrity foursome game as part of its efforts to raise funds for the children's hospital.

In June, Michael Phelps teamed up with Derek Jeter, an MLB Hall of Famer, and Zach Johnson, a PGA Tour Player, to compete in the golf tournament. The event was hosted by Andy North, who serves as the Tournament Ambassador.

During the game, Michael Phelps expressed his gratitude for being able to participate and acknowledged the special impact the tournament has on the community. He also expressed his hope to be invited back to compete in future events.

The winning team in the competition was Team Derek Jeter and Zach Johnson. On their behalf, a donation of $25,000 was made to UW Health Kids, further supporting the mission of the event to benefit the children's hospital.

The celebrity foursome game not only provided an entertaining competition but also contributed to a worthy cause, showcasing the power of sports and community involvement in making a positive impact on the lives of children in need.

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Edited by Samya Majumdar
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