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Rio Olympics 2016: Pool water turns Ryan Lochte's hair green

Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte (R) sports his new hair colour
Modified 11 Aug 2016

USA swimmer Ryan Lochte has already won a gold medal at Rio 2016 in the 4x200m freestyle relay and is all set to win another medal in the 200m individual medley. However, another thing that has been grabbing headlines apart from his perfectly toned body.

While it is very hypocritical of most commentators to objectify a male athlete, people cannot resist talking about the minty green hair colour that Lochte was seen sporting in his recent podium finish with the men's relay team of his country. A day earlier, people in Brazil were left baffled after a diving pool acquired a bright shade of green overnight.

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The Olympic Officials attributed this bizarre change of the water's colour to the formation of algae which was soon dismissed to be not harmful to the athletes. However, Lochte seems to have magically acquired the colour.

Immediately before the Olympics, Lochte dyed his hair to a shade of platinum blonde from the classy brown locks he usually sported. Fans around the world were not particularly pleased with this new look and a lot was said on social media regarding Lochte's decision. However, what the swimmer chooses to do is completely his business.

The question now is, how could an accomplished swimmer forget that freshly bleached hair reacts vehemently with the chlorine that will undoubtedly be present in a swimming pool to cause what has been done to Ryan Lochte's hair.

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A lot has already been said about the reported sexist coverage of this year's Games. The broadcasting committee covering the Olympics throughout the world has come under massive criticism after reportedly focussing clothes of most female athletes instead of their achievement. More recently, the Chicago Tribune received heat from a major percentage of its readers for referring to Corey Cogdell-Unrein as “Wife of Bears' lineman” in their headline instead of mentioning her and her achievements by name.

This incessant talk about Lochte's new hair may have been amusing up to a certain point of time but comments about whether or not his hair will affect his performance are quite uncalled for.

Published 11 Aug 2016, 18:29 IST
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