South Asian Games 2019 Swimming Schedule

SAG Swimming Schedule 2019

Day 1

Sl NoEvent
1200m Freestyle MEN
2200m Freestyle WOMEN
3200m Breaststroke MEN
4200m Breaststroke WOMEN
5100m Butterfly MEN
6100m Butterfly WOMEN
74X100m Freestyle Relay MEN
84X100m Freestyle Relay WOMEN

Day 2

Sl NoEvent
11500m Freestyle MEN
2400m Individual Medley WOMEN
3200m Backstroke MEN
4200m Backstroke WOMEN
5100m Breaststroke MEN
6100m Breaststroke WOMEN
750m Freestyle MEN

Day 3

Sl NoEvent
1800m Freestyle WOMEN
2400m Individual Medley MEN
3100m Backstroke WOMEN
4100m Backstroke MEN
550m Breaststroke WOMEN
650m Breaststroke MEN
750m Freestyle WOMEN

Day 4

Sl NoEvent
1400m Freestyle MEN
2400m Freestyle WOMEN
3200m Butterfly MEN
4200m Butterfly WOMEN
550m Backstroke MEN
650m Backstroke WOMEN
74X200m Freestyle Relay MEN
84X200m Freestyle Relay WOMEN

Day 5

Sl NoEvent
1200m Individual Medley MEN
2200m Individual Medley WOMEN
3100m Freestyle MEN
4100m Freestyle WOMEN
550m Butterfly MEN
650m Butterfly WOMEN
74X100m Medley Relay MEN
84X100m Medley Relay WOMEN

Morning Session: Heats

Evening Session: Finals

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