WATCH: Colorado HC Deion Sanders opens up about not getting any offers going into his senior year in high school

Colorado football head coach, Deion Sanders
Colorado football head coach, Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders belongs to the league of sports personalities who barely need any introduction. With the kind of success Sanders has achieved, many may be tempted to think he had colleges on his heels looking to recruit him out of high school.

However, that was not the case. Sanders opened up about his recruitment experience in a video that was recently posted on Instagram. There, he revealed, contrary to what many may believe, that his recruitment journey out of high school was not glamorous.

In the video, Sanders was seen paying tribute to his high school coach, Coach Hoover, whom he describes as a legend. He went on to make a statement about his recruitment experience. He said,

“Coach, did I have a offer going into my senior year? Not one! I was 150 pounds when I graduated.”

A look back at Deion Sanders’ High School career

Deion Sanders attended North Fort Myers High School in North Fort Myers, Florida. Sanders played three sports in high school, reaching letterman and All-State honors in football, basketball, and baseball.

He was included in the Florida High School Association All-Century Team in 1985. The team selected the top 33 players in the history of high school football in Florida up till that point, a 100-year period.

Sanders had the opportunity to play professional baseball out of high school, having been selected by the Kansas City Royals in the 1985 MLB draft. However, he passed on the opportunity, deciding not to sign with the Royals.

Instead, he chose to enroll at Florida State, going on to have one of the most accomplished college football careers.

Sanders has since had very successful NFL and MLB careers, going into broadcasting, entertainment, and entrepreneurship along the way. Today, he coaches the football program at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Coach Hoover, no doubt, has left a lasting impact on him, which must have shaped the way he does his coaching now. Sanders is noted for having a close relationship with his players.

This ability to connect personally with players has characterized his coaching. It came in handy when he got five-star prospect Travis Hunter to flip his commitment from FSU to Jackson State.

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