“That’s a very thick skinned answer” — Min Hee-jin receives backlash for her response concerning BTS, LE SSERAFIM, & ILLIT

 Min Hee-jin receives backlash for allegedly citing her MBTI in response to BTS, LE SSERAFIM & ILLIT concerns (Image via SBS/YouTube and @bts_bighit/X)
Min Hee-jin receives backlash for response concerning BTS, LE SSERAFIM & ILLIT concerns (Image via SBS/YouTube and @bts_bighit/X)

On May 31, 2024, the South Korean media outlet Edaily reported that ADOR's CEO Min Hee-jin held an emergency press conference regarding the HYBE's extraordinary general shareholders' meeting at the press center in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea, at 2:30 pm KST.

In the press conference, a reporter asked Min Hee-jin about the artists, including BTS, LE SSERAFILM, and ILLIT, who were getting hurt due to an ongoing feud with HYBE. The reporter asked the following question:

"BTS, LE SSERAFIM, and ILLIT were hurt by being involved in this incident."

In response, Min Hee-jin did not answer the reporter's question but allegedly defended herself and stated that she was hurt. Instead of highlighting the concerns regarding the various artists who were intentionally involved in the ongoing battle between HYBE and ADOR, Min Hee-jin stated that she was hurt the most.

"Everyone was hurt. NewJeans was hurt too."

Soon, her response went viral on social media, receiving backlash from the fans who found her reasons/excuses as funny. One X user lashed at her response regarding it as a 'thick skinned answer.'

Netizens stated that she outrageously defended herself. Many also found her self-centered when she did not even apologize to BTS, LE SSERAFIM, and other groups when the reporter gave her an opportunity.

"Your new je@ns were never hurt first of all !! And other idols are human too but u and ur girlies think themself always superior of others a u and ur girlies are born evils and wearing a mask of good people"- A user reacted.
"I find it astonishing that she's portraying herself as the victim in a mess she made, manipulating people to gain sympathy and attention."- A user commented.
""i suffered the most" is all she said after that reporter literally gave her an opportunity to apologize to BTS, Lesserafim & Illit,, who were constantly mass attacked, slandered & harassed due to random smear campaigns & rumours STARTED by HER & ONLY HER,, shameless."- A user shared.

Many also stated that her response was vague, and as CEO of a company, she should be mindful of her word choice. Many also cited her behavior as a sign of narcissism and stated that she did not treat artists such as BTS, IILIT, and others as humans.

"I hate the audacity that she has to victimize herself like this when she's the one that stringed up this whole mess."- A user reacted.
"Holding a conference to tell the public that HYBE is cancelling all her plans for NJ. It's her fault that NJ is suffering because of her actions. Now she wants to appear as the VICTIM, when she's literally the ONE who tarnished other artists' careers. NARCISSISTIC at it's finest."- Another user shared.
"This is very telling; she cannot even get herself to call out their names...her micro expressions say it all. There is so much contempt for our tannies and the others she hurt with her actions."- A user commented.

Min Hee-jin talked about NewJeans' future plans and reconciliation with HYBE at the press conference

At her second press conference, ADOR's CEO Min Hee-jin revealed that the NewJeans were preparing for a world tour. However, the plans were disorganized due to the ongoing feud with HYBE. She expressed her desire to work with HYBE on good terms and commented, as translated by @kchartsmaster:

"We were preparing for a world tour next year, so we neded to secure a trackslit. These plans were messed up by this month-long dispute (…) my only goal is to work in good faith with NewJeans, so i hope we and HYBE come to a good agreement.”

She further stated that there was no need for a re-organization of ADOR and requested HYBE to reconcile with her. Min Hee-jin stated, as translated by @kchartsmaster:

"I suggested it. I wasn't the one who caused this fight (…) I hope we can follow what we decided to do with New Jeans . This fight doesn't benefit anyone. I'm asking them (HYBE) to think rationally, because it's in no one's interest for the organization to be reorganized and for the NewJeans to take a break. I hope we can move on to the next chapter, because we were all harmed.”

HYBE dismissed Min Hee-jin's close associates, Deputy CEO Shin and Director Kim, at the extraordinary shareholders meeting held on May 31, 2024.

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