HYBE to reportedly file a criminal complaint against CEO Min Hee-jin and ADOR management 

HYBE to reportedly file a criminal complaint against CEO Min Hee-jin (Images Via X/@hybe_official, Instagram/@min.hee.jin)
HYBE to reportedly file a criminal complaint against CEO Min Hee-jin (Images Via X/@hybe_official, Instagram/@min.hee.jin)

As per Yonhap News, on Thursday, April 25, HYBE reportedly announced their plans to file a criminal complaint against Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, on charges of breach of trust. ADOR is a subsidiary label to HYBE which manages the K-pop girl group NewJeans.

The agency announced that they conducted an audit against ADOR on April 22, and according to Yonhap News reports, they allegedly confirmed the specific facts that CEO Min Hee-jin established and executed a plan to seize the management rights of ADOR. HYBE reported secured physical evidence to support their claim.

HYBE reportedly found subjects through the audit that said, “turning ADOR into an empty shell and taking it out”, implying to separate the agency from its parent company. Furthermore, the ADOR CEO was said to have discussed the termination of NewJeans' contract with HYBE.

The audit also reportedly unveiled Min Hee-jin's plan to exit HYBE with ADOR in a statement found

“The wording (in a document) 'ultimately exiting HYBE.”

As per Yonhap News, a HYBE representative confirmed to press charges against the individuals involved in this matter.

They said

“Based on the relevant materials, we plan to file a complaint against the relevant individuals on charges of breach of trust, etc.”

HYBE CEO Park Ji-won plans to resolve the situation and to press criminal charges against ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin

On April 25, HYBE announced that they would file a criminal lawsuit against Min Hee-jin following the findings of the audit held on April 22. The agency reportedly found evidence of a detailed strategy for overtaking management powers from HYBE.

They reportedly found conversations between the management employees and the CEO where they discussed pressuring HYBE to sell their stakes to ADOR.

Following the announcement, Park Ji-won, CEO of HYBE Corporation reportedly shared his thoughts on the matter. He also opened up about the plans to protect the artists who would be impacted by the consequences of this issue.

According to the Korean Economy, he said

“We apologize to our fans, artists, and members for causing concern due to events that occurred in the process of upgrading the multi-label.”

Park Ji-won will reportedly provide psychological assistance to ADOR girl group NewJeans and do his utmost to support them for their upcoming musical comeback.

He further added

“Now that the incident has been resolved, we hope for the psychological healing and emotional stability of artists who are K-pop’s valuable assets. I will do my best.”

HYBE reportedly accused Min Hee-jin of witchcraft before her press conference

On April 25, Min Hee-jin held a press conference where she addressed all the accusations made against her.

Before Min Hee-jin’s emergency press conference, HYBE accused the ADOR CEO of witch-crafting and leaking confidential information about the agency to a Shaman. The agency reportedly shared her Kakaotalk conversation where she took advice from the Shaman on how to move forward with the agency's matters.

HYBE stated

“It was confirmed that she committed personnel-related misconduct while being deeply involved in daily management activities.”

In the press conference, Hee-jin discussed about talking to a shaman and said

“I asked [the shaman] because I was just so curious. How were we to plan our steps if the company's ace team was going to the military or not? I'm going to report HYBE for privacy infringement. They're censoring my messages. She is my friend. Can I not have a shaman friend?”

She revealed going through therapy sessions because of the label and stated her mental health as a reason why she turned to a shaman, who she claimed to be her friend.

Previously, Min Hee-jin raised allegations against HYBE and Producer Bang Si-hyuk for copying NewJeans’ style and concept for the recently debuted Belift Lab girl group ILLIT.

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