NewJeans' fans send protest trucks to HYBE headquarters against Min Hee-jin for her exploitation of the K-pop girl group and slander of other artists

NewJeans adn MIn Hee-jin (Image via Instagra,/@newjeans.official, @min.hee.jin)
NewJeans adn MIn Hee-jin (Image via Instagra,/@newjeans.official, @min.hee.jin)

On Wednesday, April 24, NewJeans' fans sent protest trucks to HYBE's headquarters, advocating against ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin for her slander of artists in the industry and her exploitation of the K-pop girl group. The protest was the result of the recent conflict that was revealed between HYBE and ADOR, after HYBE executed its right to audit ADOR over certain suspicions.

The audit revealed that ADOR's CEO, Min Hee-jin, and another executive, named in the reports as Mr. A, have been working towards making ADOR independent from HYBE. While HYBE currently owns 80% of ADOR, the concerned board members have allegedly been engaging in activities from the beginning of 2024 to take full control of ADOR.

These included downloading confidential documents of HYBE, slandering other HYBE artists such as TWS and ILLIT, and taking advantage of NewJeans in the process. Most recently, Yonhap News, a Korean media outlet, also revealed that Min Hee-jin claimed Bang Si-hyuk had stolen her idea and created BTS.

In response to the exploitation of NewJeans, the girl group's fans sent protest trucks to HYBE's headquarters. The messages on the truck read:

"Bunnies support NewJeans unde HYBE. Min Hee-jin stop taking advantage of NewJeans and their families. Min Hee-jin immeditately stop slandering other artists."

NewJeans' fans send protest trucks to HYBE headquarters in response to Min Hee-jin's alleged exploitation of the girl group

On April 22, the Korean media outlet MTN released an article stating that HYBE organized an audit on ADOR on suspicions of power struggle. The audit revealed several pieces of evidence that allegedly pointed at Min Hee-jin's intentions to make ADOR an independent company, disconnected from HYBE. Most recently, a few documents that HYBE found during their audit were revealed.

One of the documents was the work diary of Mr. A, where several writings such as 'How to Sell HYBE?", "Management Planning", and similar topics were found, indicating how ADOR has been strategizing to take full control. Additionally, it was revealed that they've also allegedly been collecting data, using which they can pressure HYBE to hand over full control of ADOR to Min Hee-jin and Mr. A.

One of these tactics to create pressure included Min Hee-jin claiming things during internal meetings in HYBE. During one of the meetings, she allegedly stated that several K-pop groups that recently debuted such as RIIZE, TWS, and ILLIT, all copied from NewJeans.

Additionally, in another instance, Min Hee-jin also claimed that Bang Si-hyuk copied her idea and created BTS through the same. Given that these alleged statements not only slander the artists but also exploit NewJeans by leveraging the success they've garnered so far, fans have been enraged by the same.

Moreover, given that this ongoing conflict between HYBE and ADOR endangers NewJeans' career since they're the only group under the agency, fans have been advocating for their safety. The protest truck, therefore, demanded Min Hee-jin immediately stop the slander of the other artists in the industry. Additionally, they also requested her to stop taking advantage of the K-pop girl group.

The truck also showcased Bunnies' (the K-pop girl group's fandom name) undying support for the members and their careers, especially given that the group is also soon set to make a comeback.

On May 24, the group will be releasing How Sweet and Bubble Gum. On June 21, they will be dropping two other tracks: Supernatural and Right Now.

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