"She's the only one who remembers"— Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon's latest episode of 'Lovely Runner' leaves fans frenzied and in tears

Episode 13 & 14 of
Episode 13 & 14 of 'Lovely Runner' leaves fans frenzied and in tears. (Image via X/@CJnDrama)

Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon starring tvN drama Lovely Runner released episode 13 on May 20, 2024, and episode 14 on May 21, 2024. However, episodes 13 and 14 left fans in tears as they ended tragically with Ryu Sun-jae (Byeo Woo-seok) dying and Im Sol (Kim Hye-yoon) traveling back in time to reset everything.

Episode 13 ends with Ryu Sun-jae falling into the sea from a cliff after being stabbed by the cab driver Kim Young-soo (Heo Hyeong-gyu). As Im Sol watched him take his last breaths before falling off the clip, she rushed to save him. However, when the police recover Sun-jae's body from the sea, Im Sol uses his watch—which serves as a time machine throughout the entire show—to send them back in time in an attempt to avert Sun-jae's death from the start.

The choice had its own severe consequences as Im Sol decided to make sure never to cross paths with Sun-jae in the new timeline, hoping that it would save his life. Nonetheless, this reversed all of the previous memories and moments the two shared before.

Although Im Sol remembers everything Sun-jae's memories of her and his love of over 15 years get erased entirely. Fans were left in tears after watching the emotionally cathartic episode and flooded X.

"After everything that happened, sol is back to the future… cant even imagine after everything that had happened she just have to pretend to be okay and go on with her life" — an X user wrote.
"We did not just lost idol sunjae but lost his memories all together" — an X user wrote.
"What do you mean the most romantic first encounter didn't happen. What do you mean sunjae didn't see the light of his life. What do you mean this time it was sol who had to wait for 15 years THIS IS ANGST FEST" — an X user wrote.

Fans of Lovely Runner couldn't comprehend that episode 13 ended with Im Sol living for 15 years with unrequited love and watching Sun-jae from afar. They mentioned feeling Im Sol's emotional pain equally and stated how the episode "shattered" them.

"Probably the most heartbreaking love story in centuries cause wdym changing his love at the first sight story to something that shattered me into pieces" — an X user wrote.
"One thing that i absolutely ADORE about lovely runner is how they show both sol & sunjae's perspectives of the same situation albeit in different timelines. The beauty of this show truly lies in its parallels" — an X user wrote.
"Whole world just shattered to imagine that sol HAD TO change her past to confirm that she will never be sunjae's first love. it's like all memories created in 12 eps just vanished and shes the one who only remembers everything.." — an X user wrote.
"The hardest part of sol living herself alone isn't that she lost sunjae but she will forever be the only one who remembers those memories and carrying them for her entire life—from highschool sunjae until 34yo sunjae" — an X user wrote.

Lovely Runner's episode 13 leaves fans heartbroken and on a cliffhanger

Im Sol even altered her and Ryu Sun-jae's initial meeting, which took place before the first time slip. Sol and Sun-jae were neighbors who got to know one another after he returned her box in the rain after inadvertently receiving it. This time, instead of approaching him and accepting it from him, she looks at him from a distance with a melancholy smile and turns away immediately so that he would never get to see her.

In episode 14 of Lovely Runner, which was released on May 21, Sun-jae and Sol are back in the modern day where he is a successful star once again but has no recollections of Im Sol. However, he is still friends with Baek In-hyuk (played by N. Flying's Seunghyub) but there is no K-pop band ECLIPSE, where Su-jae was the lead vocalist.

Viewers are experiencing a wide range of emotions as they vent their emotional turmoil on social media due to Lovely Runner's episodes 13 and 14. Some fans even joked that Sun-jae couldn't recall anything until he watched the 12 episodes of Lovely Runner. They shared tweets where a fan changed her username to "imsol" and left a comment "SUNJAE PLEASE WATCH EP 1-12", leaving the internet in laughter.

However, viewers are eagerly waiting for episodes 15 and 16 which will be released on May 27 and 28, 2024. Admirers want to know what tvN's Lovely Runner has in store for them and whether the lead pair get their happy ending. The most anticipated K-drama is adapted from the webtoon Tomorrow's Best.

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