What happened to TLC’s Lisa Lopes? Revisiting car crash incident following controversy surrounding NewJeans’ ‘How Sweet’ MV similarity allegations

What happened to TLC’s Lisa Lopes? Revisiting car crash incident following controversy surrounding New Jeans’ ‘How Sweet’ MV similarity allegations (Image via @NewJeans_ADOR)
What happened to TLC’s Lisa Lopes? Revisiting car crash incident following controversy surrounding New Jeans’ ‘How Sweet’ MV similarity allegations (Image via @NewJeans_ADOR)

On May 26, 2024, the user Lara Crawford shared a post on the South Korean social media website INVEN, allegedly comparing TLC's Lisa Lopes car crash incident to the NewJeans' How Sweet music video. The user has pointed out multiple similarities between the group's music video and Lisa's fatal car crash in 2002.

TLC's Lisa Lopes passed away in a fatal car incident that occurred on April 25, 2002. She was driving a Mitsubishi Montero SUV in Honduras, Central America, and the crash occurred when she changed the direction of her car to avoid hitting the approaching vehicle. Due to the change in direction, Lisa's SUV wadded multiple times, hitting trees, and three people were thrown out of the window.

The vehicle finally halted at one side of the road, where Lisa passed away on the scene after she was wounded with a fracture on the base of her cranium, and left with an open cranium. Lisa's car accident was recorded as she was shooting a documentary film, Last Days of Left Eye, at the time of the accident. As a result, viewers could see what happened to Lisa during her last moments, and the videos of the 2002 incident could be found on multiple social media.

The user allegedly accused NewJeans of using the same car, headpiece, and brand that was visible in the TLC's Lisa' Lopes car incident

The user on INVEN started their accusations against NewJeans that the group has allegedly created the music video based on the last moments of American rapper and singer Lisa Lopes. They stated in their post,

"No source. While watching the music video, something felt familiar, so I looked it up and uploaded it."

The first thing the netizen thought was similar between NewJeans' How Sweet and Lisa Lopes' car crash was the kind of car model that the group used in the music video. The user stated that the car that Lisa was driving in the documentary was similar to the car that the group drove at the start of the How Sweet music video. Similar to the accident where Lisa's car crashed on the side of the road, even the K-pop band NewJeans' car crashed on the left side of the road in the music video.


Secondly, the user pointed out that the group member Hyein was also wearing a headpiece as Lisa wore during the 2002 car accident. Last but not least, the user also pointed out the usage of the brand Coca-Cola. In the last moments of the car crash, Lisa was spotted holding a Coca-Cola inbox, and in the How Sweet music video a group member was spotted drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle.

Thus, the user's post went viral on social media, where fans allegedly accused Min Hee-jin and NewJeans of recreating scenes for the How Sweet music video from the saddest moments of the American rapper and singer Lisa's life.


Meanwhile, the netizen further expressed disappointment in Min Hee-jin and the director who created the music video together. The user questioned their intentions and stated if they created NewJeans' How Sweet based on Lisa's death, they would be dejected. The user stated, as translated by Koreaboo:

"When making a music video, the concept must have been discussed by the music video director and the art director. If they were inspired by this accident, I am quite disappointed in CEO Min Hee Jin. Some people might consider this a memory, but since interpreting and judging what one sees is up to the individual, I am quite disappointed."

The user also informed fans that she was a great admirer of the group TLC, and Lisa's death left them sad. She stated, as translated by Koreaboo:

"TLC was a group that provided comfort to me during my youth, and Left Eye’s death was a shocking event for me, even though I had no personal connection to it. In a positive light, you could say they interpreted it as a beautiful image, but negatively, it seems like they made content out of someone’s death. This might be an overreaction, and it could be seen as an excessive interpretation, but this incident came to mind, so I decided to write about it."

NewJeans made their much-awaited comeback on May 24, 2024, with the release of the latest single, How Sweet music video on HYBE LABEL's official YouTube channel. They will release their Japanese single Supernatural on June 21, 2024, along with the B-side track Right Now.

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