5 things you didn't know about Alexandra Daddario

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A still of Alexandra Daddario (Image via Getty)

After her initial breakthrough with the young-adult adaptation of the Percy Jackson series of films, Alexandra Daddario has risen through the ranks of Hollywood to become one of the most in-demand actresses around. From her stint in White Lotus to her portrayal of Summer Quinn in Baywatch, the actress has won Hollywood over.

Apart from her widely discussed beauty and acting skills, which have already earned her an Emmy nomination, Alexandra Daddario is quite an interesting person with much more talent than what meets the eye initially.

Not pertaining to cinema alone, here are five very interesting facts about Alexandra Daddario.

5 interesting facts about Alexandra Daddario that you did not know

1) Alexandra Daddario originally considered becoming a lawyer, following in the footsteps of her family

A still of Alexandra (Image via Getty)
A still of Alexandra (Image via Getty)

Daddario comes from a line of lawyers, including her grandfather, Emilio Quincy Daddario, who got his degree from the University of Connecticut, and her parents. Her father was a former U.S. prosecutor, while her mother worked as a lawyer in several different fields, including real estate and corporate.

At one point, Alexandra Daddario also considered becoming a lawyer, but her parents often ironically discouraged her from this. In an alternate world, she may have been a great lawyer, too.

2) Alexandra Daddario is a very talented pianist

The 2024 Met Gala (Image via Getty)
The 2024 Met Gala (Image via Getty)

Apart from her acting skills, Alexandra is also a very talented musician. Not only does she have a great affinity for music, which has led to her starring in many music videos, but Daddario also plays the piano very well.

It is not rare to find actors who can sing or play an instrument, but Daddario does it extremely well. Her mother reportedly made her take piano lessons from the age of nine, which led to the actress becoming very good at the instrument. She has played the instrument during her memorable role in Parenthood.

Daddario also reportedly composes music sometimes, alongside playing the piano, which is an ode to her talent.

3) Alexandra used to be very scared of flying

The actress at GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2022 (Image via Getty)
The actress at GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2022 (Image via Getty)

Alexandra Daddario was extremely scared of getting on planes. Of course, in the line of acting, she had to face and overcome it, but this was one of her biggest issues earlier.

In a previous interview with Collider, the actress had explained:

"I used to really, really struggle with it,...I have to fly. I fly all the time, and over time you just fly enough ... you go to the airport and you don't cry every time the plane takes off."

4) Daddario loves to play chess but was once trolled for the same

Daddario at the Empire State Building (Image via Getty)
Daddario at the Empire State Building (Image via Getty)

Among her other hobbies, Daddario also loves to play chess. She once posted a photo of herself with a chessboard, but something on the chessboard was not arranged in the right way, which caused some light online trolling from the chess community. She quickly fixed her mistake on advice from Indonesian chess master Irene Sukandar.

Despite this light slip, she takes this sport seriously and enjoys playing the same.

5) Daddario is a passionate dog person and shares a special love for rescuing pets

A still of Alexandra (Image via Getty)
A still of Alexandra (Image via Getty)

Apart from all the other things that the actress has a passion for, she also believes in rescuing pets and is a big dog person. The internet has previously seen several instances of this, including her long post in 2020 after her dog passed away.

In 2022, the actress once again rescued Eunice from NYC Second Chance Rescue Dogs. In 2023, she also fostered Bruno, a pit bull/husky mix.

Which of the facts about Alexandra Daddario fascinated you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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