Abigail (2024) ending explained: Did the crew survive the ordeal?

Abigail (2024) ending explained: Did the crew survive the ordeal? (Image via Universal Pictures)
Abigail (2024) ending explained: Did the crew survive the ordeal? (Image via Universal Pictures)

In the 2024 horror film Abigail, only three characters remain alive at the end. As the story unfolds, Abigail's relentless pursuit leaves a trail of carnage, claiming the lives of most of the crew.

Abigail and her father, Kristof Lazar, both vampires themselves, alongside Joey, the lone member of a crew tasked with Abigail's abduction, are the only survivors. The film delves into a crew of criminals tasked with the abduction of a wealthy businessman's daughter.

But their plans take a chilling turn when they realize that their captive, Abigail, is not the helpless child they presumed her to be. She reveals herself as a bloodthirsty vampire, methodically hunting down each crew member with ruthless efficiency.

Which crew members survive?

Only Melissa Barrera’s Joey manages to survive the vampire murder spree. Abigail's father, Lazar (Matthew Goode), makes a chilling appearance. Despite his intent to eliminate Joey, Abigail steps in to halt the violence, citing Joey's earlier act of saving her life during the confrontation with Frank.

What is Abigail about?

Abigail is the latest project helmed by filmmaking duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, known for films like Ready or Not and their recent contributions to the Scream franchise.

The film centers on a group of individuals who, unfamiliar with one another prior, come together for a criminal endeavor: the kidnapping of a wealthy businessman's daughter and confine her to an abandoned mansion for a full day, in exchange for a hefty ransom payout.

The film features a talented ensemble cast, including Melissa Barrera in the role of Joey, Dan Stevens portraying Frank, and Alisha Weir as the titular character, Abigail.

Will Catlett stars as Rickles, Kathryn Newton as Sammy, Kevin Durand as Peter, Angus Cloud as Dean, Giancarlo Esposito as Lambert, and Matthew Goode as Abigail's father, hinted to be none other than Dracula himself.

In addition to the main cast, an Easter egg in the film includes a cameo appearance by Henry Czerny, who portrays Tony Le Domas from Ready or Not (2019), appearing in a portrait within the mansion.

The ending of Abigail explained

After the shocking revelation that Alisha Weir’s Abigail is a vampire, she unveils her knowledge of each member of the criminal group that had abducted her, then proceeds to eliminate them one by one. Some are even turned into vampires themselves, becoming her puppets in the process.

The last survivors of the crew, Frank (Dan Stevens) and Joey discover that Lambert, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, their initial contact for the heist, was not only aware of Abigail's true identity, but had been complicit in the scheme from the beginning.


He was a vampire coerced into serving Abigail and her father for years, tasked with procuring humans for them to feed on to maintain their strength. The heist was never about a ransom; it was always a trap, with the criminals intended as food for Abigail.

When Lambert presents Joey and Frank with a chance to survive by turning into vampires, the former declines, but Frank the latter accepts and, upon being infected, promptly kills Lambert before turning on Abigail and Joey.

This led to Abigail and Joey forming an unlikely alliance against Frank, who sought to establish himself as the dominant vampire. Ultimately, the unlikely duo prevailed, and Joey was the only human spared by Abigail.

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