Did Pop-Tarts produce Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix movie Unfrosted? Explored 

(Left to right) Melissa McCarthy, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jim Gaffiganin in a still from Unfrosted (Image via Netflix)
(Left to right) Melissa McCarthy, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jim Gaffiganin in a still from Unfrosted (Image via Netflix)

Pop-Tarts and Jerry Seinfeld are having some fun back and forth. Seinfeld came up with a movie called Unfrosted, where he directed and co-wrote it.

The movie is all about the made-up beginning of Pop-Tarts, set in a playful competition between Kellogg's and Post in 1963. Although Seinfeld loves Pop-Tarts, the movie is just a hilarious story and not the brand's real history.

In a recent promo video, Seinfeld was seen going head-to-head with a fake Pop-Tarts president over some trademark issues. The funny back-and-forth included the Pop-Tarts mascot calling out Seinfeld for using their breakfast products in the movie without asking and even claiming ownership of his iconic TV characters.

This dialogue between Seinfeld and Pop-Tarts gets Seinfeld's humor and the brand's witty response to being randomly featured in the movie. Even though the movie took ideas from the brand and its beginnings, Pop-Tarts didn't have anything to do with producing the film.

Pop-Tarts and Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix movie Unfrosted


Pop-Tarts, everyone's favorite breakfast treat, is the star of Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix movie.

It's a hilarious made-up story about how Pop-Tarts came to be. Even though the brand didn't have anything to do with the movie, they're still taking advantage of the buzz by releasing special "Trat-Pops" boxes and having events in stores and online.

Jerry Seinfeld's fascination with Pop-Tarts goes back to his stand-up routine, where he asks:

"What's up with Pop-Tarts?"

The comedian's bit spots cultural quirks and makes the most of them. Seinfeld's Netflix film, Unfrosted, explores the absurdity of the Pop Tart, a breakfast treat that has apparently never been particularly satisfying but has become a massive hit.

The movie takes place in Michigan in 1963, where Kellogg's and Post are competing to invent a new breakfast pastry. The film stars Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Hugh Grant and others. Seinfeld has been thinking about the history of Pop-Tarts for a while, and his top pick is brown sugar cinnamon, best when toasted.

Pop-Tarts marketing campaign and promotion based on Netflix's Unfrosted


The campaign is all about celebrating the brand's 60th anniversary and encouraging fans at home to enjoy Unfrosted with a Pop-Tarts toaster pastry.

As a part of the partnership, fans were thrilled to see a funny Digital Short created by Pop-Tarts and featuring Jerry Seinfeld, along with some awesome surprise appearances.

The short imagines what happens when Jerry and fictional Pop-Tarts C-suite executives meet. A text card at the beginning of the promo reads:

"When Jerry Seinfeld made the movie Unfrosted, he referenced 221 trademarked breakfast products without permission or proper legal clearance. This prompted a meeting."

Kelman P. Gasworth, the (fictional) president of Pop-Tarts tells Seinfeld:

"Tell me, how does it feel when people steal your ideas and then do whatever they want with them?"

Seinfeld humorously says:

"You mean like Friends?"

Moreover, fans may take part in a lucky draw to win one of two limited-edition "Trat-Pops" boxes, the official Unfrosted movie box, which includes packaging from the movie. The boxes serve as a cinematic collectible as well as a movie snack.

Julie Bowerman, Kellanova’s chief marketing officer told Fast Company:

“We certainly built some star factor with our mascot."

Netflix will begin to stream Jerry Seinfeld's film Unfrosted, which explores the history of Pop-Tarts, on May 3, 2024.

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