Kingsman: The Secret Service ending explained: Does Valentine finally get defeated?

Kingsman: The Secret Service ending explained: Does Valentine Finally Get Defeated?
Kingsman: The Secret Service ending explained: Does Valentine finally get defeated? (Image via Instagram/ @kingsmanmovie)

The climax of Kingsman: The Secret Service is a whirlwind of action and intrigue, leaving many viewers pondering the fate of its characters, particularly the villainous Richmond Valentine. Played by Samuel L. Jackson, Valentine is a billionaire with a devious plan to solve overpopulation by inducing mass violence through a signal transmitted via his company's SIM cards.

At the film's conclusion, the young protagonist Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Taron Egerton) faces off against Valentine in a thrilling showdown that determines the fate of the world. In the end, Eggsy successfully thwarts Valentine’s catastrophic plot, demonstrating his growth from a street-savvy young man into a skilled and sophisticated spy.

The transformation of Eggsy from a rebellious youth to a debonair secret agent is as also a focus of the film, illustrating themes of personal development and heroism. This dual narrative of self-discovery and global stakes makes the conclusion both satisfying and multifaceted.

What happens to Valentine at the end of Kingsman: The Secret Service?

The final act of Kingsman: The Secret Service sees Eggsy infiltrate Valentine’s mountain bunker, where he must stop the activation of the deadly signal that would cause global chaos. With the help of Kingsman tech guru Merlin (Mark Strong) and fellow recruit Roxy (Sophie Cookson), Eggsy manages to disable Valentine’s satellite network temporarily.

However, Valentine has a backup plan, and the signal is activated, leading to widespread violence. During this mayhem, it comes down to Eggsy fighting Gazelle, Valentine’s henchwoman. With quick wits and agility, when he defeats Gazelle, he takes her weapon— a sharpened prosthetic leg— and uses it to stab Valentine through his heart.

The demise of Valentine results in the deactivation of this signal, thus saving Earth from imminent destruction. In the end Eggsy graduates into a full-fledged kingsman ready for war against any future threats.

The journey to becoming a Kingsman in Kingsman: The Secret Service

Throughout Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eggsy's voyage is one of self-improvement and proving his worth. Initially a rebellious boy with little direction, Eggsy’s life changes dramatically when he encounters Harry Hart (Colin Firth), a suave and skilled Kingsman agent who later dies.

Recognizing something in this young man, Harry brings him into the fold of their secret organization. The majority of the film is about Eggsy training to be a Kingsman and overcoming the challenges to become one.

This path includes Eggsy’s transformation through different spy skills, as well as understanding the values that go into being part of the Kingsman. If an individual refuses to shoot puppies during his last test, such a moral choice in reality tests an individual’s real principles, which Eggsy passes with flying colors.

This journey underscores the film’s message that heroism is defined by personal integrity and courage, not just physical prowess.

The significance of Harry Hart’s legacy in Kingsman: The Secret Service

Even after dying at Valentine's hands Harry Hart still plays a significant role throughout the story of Kingsman: The Secret Service. It is Harry's view of what Eggsy has to offer and instances where he teaches about becoming a kingsman that shapes how Eggsy approaches this mission.

These aspects bring out emotional depth within the movie, especially the themes of mentorship and legacy. Galahad, Harry’s codename, will be passed on to Eggsy as the film ends, emphasizing the young man’s acknowledgment of his mentor’s legacy and values.

This is an instance where passing on the torch serves as a poignant reminder of what the movie is about— it is not inherited but earned through action and choice. His victory over Valentine and the adoption of Kingsman are symbolic of Eggsy’s journey from being a lost child to becoming a responsible and heroic man.

Kingsman: The Secret Service ending sees both Valentine being defeated and Eggsy transforming into a different person entirely.

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