Messi, the Dog is getting his own TV series after Oscars opposition

A still from Anatomy of a Fall (Image via Le Pacte)
A still from Anatomy of a Fall (Image via Le Pacte)

Anatomy of a Fall's breakout star, Messi, the Dog, has already become a renowned name, thanks to his numerous appearances in award shows and the infamous opposition he faced at the Oscars. Messi, the Dog's presence at the Oscars was opposed by many because producers of other films felt it would give Anatomy of a Fall an advantage in voting.

Thankfully, Anatomy of a Fall is not the last we will see of the beautiful canine. As per reports, Messi is getting his own television series, which will be based around the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. This was announced by Cannes production company, D18 Paris during the press conference. It will be set at the Cannes Film Festival, and will reportedly follow the canine's perspective and voice as he navigates the Cannes Film Festival from dawn to late night.

The series will contain eight one-minute episodes, which will take viewers through the events of Cannes but with their favorite Border Collie guiding them on the way and raising fun questions.

Who is involved in Messi, the Dog's television series?

According to the D18's press release

"This will be an opportunity for Messi to ask his guest any questions with the innocence of a dog...When you’re the current international star, you can do anything… and Messi dares to do it all!"

It seems like the most offbeat way of covering an event, especially an event as big as Cannes. As per reports, it is titled Messi: The Cannes Film Festival from a Dog’s Eye View.

Tim Newman came up with the idea of the right-episode show. Jean-Paul Gaultier is acting as the producer. Raphaël Mezrahi wrote the program and will also voice the titular dog. Loïc Pourageaux serves as the director.

Rounding off the crew is Laura Martin, who trained the dog for Anatomy of a Fall, and has been his constant guardian and parent.

Of course, pulling this off will take a lot of work from Martin, who was very proud of the attention Messi, the dog was getting throughout the festival circuits. Speaking about this and the experience at the previous Cannes, where Anatomy of a Fall made headlines, Martin had said to The Hollywood Reporter

"All of this attention began at Cannes...There were a few interviews in France...but what we’ve been experiencing here in America — with the attention to this dog and his acting — it’s beyond anything we anticipated. It’s probably the maximum that you can accomplish in this field."

The attention was, unfortunately, so high that there was a lot of opposition to Messi, the Dog attending the Oscars. The production companies of other Oscar-nominated films began to oppose him after his star-studded participation at the Oscar luncheon. Many fans criticized this behavior from the production companies.

The program will be broadcast simultaneously on the French national TV channels France 2, France 3, Culturebox, and TV5 Monde, starting May 13, 2024. It will run throughout the eight days of the festival.

Fans will be able to meet Messi, the Dog very soon in his brand-new TV series. Stay tuned for more updates.

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