"Wait that was real?"— Fans in disbelief as Atlas stars reveal Sterling K. Brown's eyeball scene had no CGI

A still from Atlas (Image via Netflix)
A still from Atlas (Image via Netflix)

Despite its relatively negative reviews, Atlas has arguably become the biggest winner on Memorial Day weekend, garnering a huge viewership, which also made it the most successful Netflix entry in some time. The Jennifer Lopez starter film had many hooks that held fans in, and some of them were more daring than others, as revealed by the actors in a recent interview posted on Netflix's X page.

According to the revelation in this latest clip, the iconic eyeball scene featuring Sterling K. Brown was not done with CGI. In the scene where Brown is held on a tabletop with a machine holding his eyeball, no computer effects were used, and Brown was actually physically a part of the scene.

This revelation has shocked the fans of Atlas, who could not believe that his scene could be done with no special effects. This led to shock across the X community. User @newgenesis23__ summed up the emotion, saying:

"Wait that was real? I cannot believe my eyes."

Other fans also made similar claims after hearing about this outrageous stunt.

"Respect. Have to watch the movie now."- One fan commented stating how this has got him interested in Atlas.
"What? That's crazy"- another fan reacted to the news.
"This is just painful"- another fan noted.

Some other fans on X seemed to be impressed by Sterling K. Brown's commitment to the role but could not help criticizing the movie, perhaps for the same reasons that critics lashed at the movie.

"Watched it yesterday. Yup I thought that was CGI or a fake eye. That had to be hella uncomfortable. Movie itself was just okay. Could of been better."- another user wrote, surprised by the scene but not impressed by the movie.
"Cool but its still one of the worst scifi movies of all time."- another fan remarked on the same issue.

All in all, Atlas did seem to have some really interesting elements that did make the movie stand out, but it still did not make up for everything. It continues to enjoy good viewership, however.

What is Atlas all about?

Atlas is Netflix's latest sci-fi drama from director Brad Peyton. Starring Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, and Mark Strong in the primary roles, the film takes viewers to the year 2043, where artificial intelligence dominates the world and it consists of humanoid terrorists.

The central conflict places Jennifer Lopez in the shoes of an analyst with a deep distrust of artificial intelligence who helps catch a robot that goes astray. The synopsis for the film reads:

"A brilliant data analyst with a deep distrust of AI finds it may be her only hope when a mission to capture a renegade robot goes awry."

It has generated great viewership since its premiere and has also stayed on top of Netflix's most-watched list. It has, however, not done well critically, garnering negative reviews from across the world.

Atlas is currently streaming on Netflix.

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